Is A Dry Well the Same as A French Drain for My Gaithersburg, MD Landscape?

In every type of property, a drainage system is a must-have element. It diverts water away from your house, building, landscaping elements, and other structures that are easily damaged by water. A badly built drainage system, on the other hand, might cause significant damage to your landscape and other brick buildings on your property.

Now, if you’re wondering, “Is a Dry Well the Same as a French Drain for My Gaithersburg, MD Landscape?” don’t hesitate to contact an expert drainage contractor like East Coast Landscape Design, Inc. Let us now return to your question.

Is A Dry Well the Same as A French Drain for My Gaithersburg, MD Landscape?

When Should a Dry Well Be Installed?

A dry well is an excellent option when there are no adjacent ponds or storm drains to construct a trench drain and you need to drain water from your yard. Standing water is drained down into the earth and soil by dry wells. 

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The surplus water will gently flow through the gravel and be filtered back into the soil without harming the landscape. One disadvantage of a dry well is that it does not gather water by itself. Instead, water must be collected and carried to the dry well through a drainpipe or catch basin.

When Should a French Drain Be Installed?

A French drain is also a great alternative to a dry well. In certain situations, they are also preferable because standing water may be directed to a storm drain, a pond, a river, or another suitable drainage place very easily using french drains.

Unlike a dry well, a French drain transports water underground via a perforated pipe. This enables you to fix a backyard drainage issue by directing runoff water to a nearby water source or drain.

French Drains and Dry Wells – The Basic Difference

The basic difference between these two structures is that dry wells transport water into the soil, whereas French drains direct runoff to another spot on your property where it can be drained.

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