Plan Your Low Maintenance Maryland Landscape

A lot of people have taken an interest in landscaping, and many have learned that they enjoy working in the yard. Others have also discovered that they hate working in the yard. Just because you don’t like working in the yard does not mean you cannot have a great looking landscape.

Planning the best landscape for your home will take into consideration the amount of maintenance that can be provided. Doing some of the maintenance work yourself may save some money, but there is a time cost involved.

Hiring someone to do all the maintenance on a high maintenance landscape design can be expensive. Finding the perfect balance is what an experienced landscape designer does.

The landscape designer can help you make choices of plants and shrubs that look great and fit the maintenance you want to offer. Maybe you have allergies and want a yard that will require fewer mowings or has less tree pollen. Be sure to discuss this with the landscape designer.

If you need to talk with an experienced landscape designer to see what is possible, be sure to call the Maryland landscape design experts at East Coast Landscape Design.

Where To Start When Landscaping Your Maryland Home

If you are just starting with the landscaping at your Maryland home, be sure examine the older trees on your property to ensure they are safe and are not in danger of falling down. If you are unsure of the condition of your trees, you may want to contact us here at East Coast Landscape Design, so that can you ensure the safety of the property.

Once the safety concerns are taken care of the next item to consider is the overall design of the landscape and what use you want out of it. Want grassy areas to entertain guests? You will need a grass that can stand lots of foot traffic. Want an outdoor kitchen, or an area free from the pesky insects? This is what needs to be addressed during the initial planning stages.

If the project seems overwhelming to you, landscaping can be done in stages. The planning of the project is even more important when done in stages. You don’t want to put new grass in, and then need to drive a heavy truck across the new grass to deliver a load of stone for an outdoor kitchen and patio.

If you need help with the planning of your new landscape in Maryland, contact the landscape design experts at East Coast Landscape Design, we can help you get the yard of your dreams.