Landscaping in Bethesda MD: Trees You Should Avoid

They may look beautiful and provide a lot of shade, but there are certain trees that you should avoid in the landscaping of your Bethesda MD home. These are:

  • Silver maple (Acer saccharinum) – these trees have weak, brittle wood, that may break during bog storms. Their roots are shallow and invade sewage and sprinkler pipes. They are also known for cracking driveways and walkways.
  • Ash (Fraxinus) – These are sturdy and tough trees; unfortunately, they won’t be around long term. They are vulnerable to the emerald ash borer, and that little beetle is going to be wiping out this species of trees. So, if you’re looking for a long-term tree for the landscaping at your Bethesda MD home, you should look elsewhere.
  • Hybrid Poplars (Populus) – These grow fast and look good, but don’t last long-term. These Poplars are susceptible to diseases, and most won’t last more than 15 years.
  • Willow (Salix) – Beautiful but have water-hungry root systems that invade and clog drain fields, sewer lines, and irrigation pipes. The wood is weak and prone to cracking, and the tree is relatively short-lived, lasting only about 30 years.
  • Bradford pear (Pyrus calleryana) – These became a suburban favorite, until everyone realized that they are highly prone to splitting and cracking when it reached maturity.
  • Mountain cedar (Juniperus ashei) – For anyone that is allergy prone, these trees release massive amounts of pollen in the late winter, and can cause severe reactions.
  • Black walnut (Juglans nigra) – These trees produce a significant amount of pollen and nuts you will have to clean up in the fall. Worst of all, these trees secrete growth-inhibiting toxins that kill nearby plants, wreaking havoc on flower beds and vegetable gardens.

For more information on trees you should avoid in the landscaping of your Bethesda MD home, please contact East Coast Landscape Design. Successful landscaping begins with a solid design that includes a balanced choice of plants, shrubs, and trees for your Bethesda MD property. Every East Coast landscaping installation is completed with the utmost care and attention that you expect from a professional landscape company like East Coast Landscape Design.

Landscaping Companies in Silver Spring MD: Know Who You Are Hiring

How do you know which of the landscaping companies in Silver Spring MD do the best work and are reliable? And which of the landscaping companies in Silver Spring MD have great customer service?

Quite frankly, there are some landscaping companies that do business in Silver Spring MD that aren’t licensed and certified. They have bad reputations, and change their names frequently. Here are some ways to determine which of the landscaping companies in Silver Spring MD you should hire.

  • Licensing – Do they have the proper licenses from the State of MD, such as a Maryland Home Improvement Commission (MHIC) License
  • Certifications – Have they gone through training and obtained certifications to complete the work you need?
  • Years in business – Just started last year? The year before? Have they gone through name changes?
  • Professional associations – Legitimate landscaping companies in Silver Spring MD participate in professional associations that share information and support best practices in their industry.
  • Reputation – Recommendations from experts and other consumers, online and off. Remember to ask friends and neighbors who they use, and ask for client referrals.

East Coast Landscape Design is one of a very few landscaping companies in Silver Spring MD that meets and exceeds these requirements. They are licensed through the Maryland Home Improvement Commission, are certified interlocking paver installers, certified landscape technicians, and certified pond installers. The folks at East Coast Landscape Design have created amazing beauty in yards and properties dotting the Washington, DC area for over 25 years, and are members of the Landscape Contractors Association. East Coast Landscape Design has a Better Business Bureau A+ Rating, is a Recommended Landscape Contractor from the “Washington Checkbook,” and has received the Angie’s List Super Service Award. For more information on landscaping companies in Silver Spring MD, please contact East Coast Landscape Design.