Manage Erosion with Landscape Design in Silver Spring, MD

There are a few ways to manage erosion with landscape design in Silver Spring, MD.

If the erosion is mild, then adding new plants to the landscape design, will go a long way to stabilizing erosion problems.

Depending on where the erosion is located, various groundcovers or hardy native shrubs should be considered for these erosion-prone areas. Mulch or compost can be used in tree and shrub beds, or in areas where vegetation is difficult to grow.

These new plants should be appropriate for the sunlight, shade, moisture, and soil conditions of the erosion site. The plants should have roots that will hold on to the soil (no shallow-rooted plants).

Before replanting, the fill soil may need to be amended. Amending the soil may consist of mixing in compost to make the soil more fertile. Or soil with high clay content may be mixed into the fill soil to give it more density and weight. In order to protect your new plants and give them time to take root, your landscaper may redirect water runoff from that area.

For places in the landscape with erosion and heavy foot traffic, stepping stones, gravel or mulch path can be used to cover and protect eroded areas. Plants and shrubs lining the pathway can offer additional protection against erosion.

If you have a slope with erosion problems, the slope can be terraced or retaining walls built, to hold back the soil and redirect the flow of water through a drainage system.

For large areas with significant erosion, the landscape design at your Silver Spring, MD home may need to undergo some significant changes. In addition to new sod and other vegetation, your landscape designer will want to divert water from erosion-prone areas, redirecting it to a pond, French drain, or an area that where it will cause no harm to your landscape or your home.

For more information on landscape design in Silver Spring, MD, that prevents home flooding, please contact East Coast Landscape Design. We use erosion control applications to Maryland state specifications. Our landscape design experts will outline how to protect your home and create a landscape that creates lasting beauty and value.