When Should You Build A Colesville MD Retaining Wall?

Retaining walls have extensive usage ranging from landscaping to significant constructions, as is the case with highways. Their sole purpose is to hold back soil from erosion or collapse.

Designers of public parks use these features for holding plants and statues in place as well as other decorative purposes. In your yard, whenever you have elevated features such as patios or tiered gardens, a retaining wall will keep the soil intact.

Bricks, stone, and concrete are the primary materials used to construct a retaining wall. Besides providing support to landscapes and architectural additions to your property, a retaining wall is a beautiful feature. Seeing that you might need this wall or want to understand its aspects, the question now begs, when should you build a Colesville MD retaining wall? Worry no more as this article is about to bring you answers while explaining other important considerations for building this wall.

When should you build a Colesville MD retaining wall?

  • Yard beautifications

By constructing or buying a house on top of a hill, you knew flooding would never be an issue. However, challenges arise when you want to carry out the beautification of the property or entertain guests. You suddenly realize that there is little room or none.

To solve the problem, have a landscaper create some terraces supported by retaining walls. That way, you produce nice-looking flat spaces that you can now convert to utility areas of your desire.

  • Floods and erosion control

Earlier, we mentioned having not to fear about the risk of flooding for homes on elevated ground. For homes built at the bottom of an elevation, flooding is real. It does not matter that the slope is gentle. If floods do not occur, then soil erosion will take place, and this could ruin your outdoors. A retaining wall can take all these troubles out of the way. Furthermore, a contractor will install drainage tiles that connect to an outlet helping lead all groundwater away.

  • Basement modification

Modifications in your basement area to construct a walk-out, swimming pool, or garage all require retaining walls. Pools require flat surfaces, which may not be possible, given the topography of your yard. Fortunately, by building a retaining wall, you can proceed to level the earth to meet the standards of your landscaping project. Usually, the wall stands a few inches above the ground level to prevent soil from spreading out.

Problem solved

Before building a retaining wall, you must know what purpose it will serve. After that, understand the topography of your home. Finally, consider a few designs and settle on one that not only solves your problem but also transforms your outdoors. A few considerations include opting for curved walls instead of straight ones and a wide choice of materials.

When Should You Build A Germantown MD Retaining wall?

Retaining walls are created for structural support but also for visual or aesthetic purposes. They help with soil erosion management which can be a problem where water flow can happen in excess.

Lack of Erosion Control in a structure may lead to cracks in building foundations, driveways and patios which results in unintended flooding and structural deficiencies.

With Maryland’s rolling topography, we are  presented with serious landscape challenges, such as– storm water runoff careening down slopes and eroding topsoil. This contributes to structural damage, which further leads to recurrent puddles, bare spots and swampy depressions with standing water that harbors insect pests.

The soil becomes unstable and unsafe.

By integrating retaining walls into your building structures, runoff flows within the structure will be redirected, thereby preventing water damage from harming structural safety. This is also part of the crucial environmental preservation process.

This brings us to the million dollar question;

When Should You Build A Germantown MD Retaining wall?

The best time to build a retaining wall for your home is when you are constructing your building structure. Retaining walls are an integral part of your building structure that need to be integrated into the construction of the building from the onset.

If you have an already built structure that lacks a retaining wall, then the best time to build one is now, especially before the rainy season sets in.

Also, when hiring anyone to build a retaining wall for your building structure, here is some basic knowledge you should have and put into consideration:

1. The retaining wall must be built on a suitable base, set below ground level.

2. It must have a properly compacted backfill dirt behind the wall.

3. It must have an efficient drainage system.

4. The height of the retaining wall should tally with the height of the building.

By allowing East Coast Landscape Design build a Germantown MD Retaining wall for your structure now, you are subscribing to a lifetime of erosion control management and landscape design best practices to preserve and enhance your property.

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With the help of a skilled team of stonemasons, trained landscapers, and staff who are knowledgeable and specialize in the excavation, grading, slope stabilization, engineering and erosion control associated with retaining walls, we are always ready to help you plan and install your East Coast Landscape Design home improvement project. We have also designed and installed landscape projects, including patios, outdoor kitchens, driveways, and retaining walls.

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When Should You Build A Hyattsville MD Retaining Wall?

It’s fascinating how homeowners fail to notice what they don’t appreciate. Think of a retaining wall–  They are found almost in all homes, around businesses, schools, and other structures, yet, until you need one, probably all your life, you haven’t paid much attention to their importance around the neighborhood.

Strong retaining walls are crucial for structural support. Others are used for visual and aesthetic purposes of beautifying and protect your property.

The following is a closer look at When Should You Build a Hyattsville MD Retaining Wall as an option to beautify your house landscaping.

Any of the following situations arise; you need a call, our retaining wall specialist.

A sliding hill threatens your foundation

When erosion threatens your property’s foundation, either through the soil washing away downhill, or an abrasion from a slope compacting an uphill foundation, you need a retaining wall installed.

Retaining walls are carefully crafted and engineered to foster proper drainage. The structure also protects level slopes vulnerable to erosion and gravity by merely giving them a strong, supported, and vertical quality.

You need a way to control downhill erosion.

A retaining wall is a beautiful idea to prevent and control mountains of erosion material clogging essential areas of your property.   Downhill erosion is preventable through, decreasing the angle of a slope. A retaining wall holds back the soil minimizing erosion and its effect on properties.

Downhill property affected by soil erosion

Even if soil erosion isn’t threatening your property now, it could happen under the right conditions, especially with the worrying adverse weather activities resulting from climate change.

For example, an earthquake triggers landslides away from fault lines. A property downhill away from the fault line can suffer erosion effects, but a retaining wall provides the much-needed stability and peace of mind.

Control water runoff

Retaining walls help slow the flow of rainwater, increasing the utility of your gardening and lawn care. In case of polluted street water overflow, making its way to your property can be redirected to the nearby drainage through a water-thirsty retaining wall system. The structure is best incorporated with your rain garden design.

Your property needs extra seating

Your retaining wall is also crucial in providing a flat surface for seating, for example if you wanted a patio or want some flat soil beds for a garden.

Our experts suggest installing the walls to terrace a sloping area-preserving an existing grade.

In case of a driveway or other types of decoration, the patio installation- retaining wall provide the support and level needed.  All you need is a design specialist and a skilled landscaper experienced in various forms of retaining walls Montgomery and Howard Counties in Maryland.

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