Fire Pits Rockville MD

Fire pits are popular with residents in Rockville, MD. Adding one to an outdoor living space can create a warm and inviting atmosphere, while also providing a place for family and friends to gather. Fire pits can vary in size and design, and the skilled team at East Coast Landscape Design is ready to help. Since 1979, East Coast Landscape Design has been creating and installing fire pits for their customers in Rockville, MD. They understand that adding a fire pit to an outdoor living space is a big decision, which is why they have put together this list of their clients most frequently asked questions.

1. Are there any safety issues homeowners should be aware of concerning a fire pit?
East Coast Landscape Design cares about their customers, and before they leave a job site they will make sure their clients know how to safely use their fire pit. This includes not burning soft woods in fire pits located on Rockville, MD properties, and refraining from wearing loose fitting or flammable clothing near an open flame. East Coast Landscape Design also wants to stress that pets and small children should always be kept at least three feet away from a fire pit when it is being used. These are only a few of the safety tips East Coast Landscape Designs will ensure that their clients are fully aware of.

2. Where should a fire pit be placed on the property?
Fire pits should be placed on Rockville, MD properties at least 10 feet away from any building. It should also be constructed away from fences and property lines. Some counties require this by law, while others simply suggest it as a safety recommendation. The fire pit should also be placed away from low hanging branches and eaves. The talented designers at East Coast Landscape Design will help homeowners to find the perfect location for their new fire pit.

3. What type of fuel can fire pits use?
East Coast Landscape Design is proud to be able to offer their customers the choice of gas or wood burning fire pits. They are also capable of designing and installing a dual fuel fire pit. This allows their clients to find the perfect fire pit to fit their lifestyle and budget.

4. Is it necessary for the landscaping company to be licensed and insured?
The contractor should be licensed and fully insured anytime work is being done on the property. East Coast Landscape Design is proud to be the premier licensed landscaping company in the Washington D.C. metro area, and their contractors are fully insured. This gives their clients added assurance that they have contacted the best.

Rockville MD Fire Pit Essentials

Summer is near and a fire pit is something that a lot of us can use. An outside fire pit can be utilized on cool nights and make your yard a bit more special for your guests and for yourself as you enjoy your garden and outdoor space.

There are a lot of various firepit alternatives today – ceramics, metal, stone, brick, even concrete – and there are even some unique designers that deal with fire pits.

An outdoor fire pit is one of the best methods to take pleasure in a lovely summer night. From wood fire pit, that you might keep in mind using at you moms and dads or perhaps grandparents house, to the gas fire pit most people use today, it appears that fire pit selection has actually never ever been so vast, this is the time to think about integrating a fire pit into your backyard and begin taking pleasure in the benefits of this open fire.

A lot of fire pits have mesh siding that allows for spectators to see into the pit, and for heat to leave. This is a big advantage on cold nights where you may need a little bit of additional heat to stay comfy.

A fire pit may be all you require in order to significantly improve your yard. Plan a celebration around your outside fire pit this summer season, and reveal to everyone how fun one can be.

Contact East Coast today to discuss your fire pit options and how to integrate one into your Rockville MD landscaping.