Outdoor fire pit Bethesda, MD

In Bethesda, MD, an outdoor fire pit creates a natural gathering spot, whether it’s a casual conversation or a formal dinner. It’s a great spot to relax by yourself at the end of a long day. You can watch the fire, stargaze and just unwind.


Just look at the advantages of building an outdoor fire pit:

  • You get more use out of your yard, every season of the year.
  • Adults, teens and kids love it for entertaining.
  • It creates a focal point for your landscape.
  • It has curb appeal, increasing the value of your property.


When you get a fire pit designed by the talented team at East Coast Landscape Design, the pit becomes a focal point. It adds interest to your landscape and enhances the look of your home. East Coast designers work with all types of budgets. They create fire pits that are large, small, circular, square, made from stone, metal and brick.


You end up with an asset that increases the value of your home. An outdoor fire pit in Bethesda, MD, adds curb appeal, which draws interested buyers in a crowded marketplace. Homebuyers love a property with amenities that help them get the maximum use of their outdoor living space.


A fire pit built by experts lasts for many years. When high quality materials are used, like stone, brick and metal, it takes very little effort to maintain your fire pit. Buyers love amenities like that, much more interesting than your basic patio and grill. It saves them the effort of building it themselves. As soon as they move in, they can start using it.


A professionally designed and built fire pit can fit in seamlessly with your landscape design and your home’s exterior décor. An outdoor fire pit in Bethesda, MD, adds beauty and interest, even when you aren’t using it. But that’s not very often, because people love their fire pits. Gathering round the pit in the evening is like being back at summer camp when you were young.


Children love to hear scary ghost stories when sitting around the fire pit on long summer nights. Teens can entertain their friends in style and cook their own food. Adults can enjoy the company of neighbors, throw a formal party with the fire pit as a backdrop, or just use it to relax and unwind after a busy day.


An outdoor fire pit gets used all year long. In summer, it is the natural spot to gather in the evening. In winter, drink mulled cider around the fire pit after a day in the snow. In spring and fall, enjoy the beauty of crisp evenings and the warmth from the fire pit.


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Can I Build My Own Outdoor Fire Pit In Kensington, MD?

You can find plans and instructions online to build your own fire pit. But it takes specific types of tools and lots of experience to get it right. If you choose to install a gas fire pit, you will need a professional to hook it up and make sure it meets local codes.


To keep you and your family safe, as well as your home and outdoor structures, it is essential to follow the recommendations of experts for both gas and wood pits.


And then there’s the matter of aesthetics. You can build a fire pit that is functional, but doesn’t fit in with your landscape design or work well with your home’s style. Homeowners who have built their own often report they are dissatisfied with its appearance.


When you hire expert designers and builders, like the team at East Coast Landscape Design, you know that the final installation will follow local regulations, enhance the look of your garden and home, and last for many years.


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Is a fire pit worth the cost?


Do you entertain? A fire pit gives any occasion a natural focal point and gathering place. Guests love to sit around the pit, talk to friends, and eat their meal.


Do you kids entertain? Teens love to invite their friends over to cook hot dogs and kabobs over an outdoor fire pit in Kensington, MD. It’s a great way to keep the action outside, while letting the adults keep an eye on what’s going on.


Little kids love the fire pit. They can sit around listening to adults and older siblings. They can listen to ghost stories, just like you did when you went to summer camp.


Do you like to sit outside by yourself or with your spouse on warm summer nights? The fire pit is a natural for relaxing and stargazing. It is also a very romantic, inexpensive spot for date night.


When you have a fire pit, you can use it spring, summer and fall. For that matter, it can be a great way for you and your friends to warm up on cold winter days and nights.


Is an outdoor fire pit Kensington, MD, hard to maintain?


A professionally designed and installed fire pit is made from quality materials that will last for many years. Most are made with natural materials like brick and stone. These require very little upkeep.


If you choose a gas model, you need to follow recommendations for the maintenance of gas fires. For wood fires, keep the area well maintained and clean off dirt and debris from the materials annually.