Fire Pits Gaithersburg MD

Fire pits are becoming common sights on Gaithersburg, MD properties. While the design and size can change, adding a fire pit to an outdoor space can create a warm and inviting place for family and friends to gather. Since 1979, Mark Simpson and his team at East Coast Landscape Design have been designing and installing fire pits for their Gaithersburg, MD clients. They understand that adding a fire pit to a property is a big decision, which is why they have put together this list of their customers’ most frequently asked questions.

1. Is it necessary for the landscaping company to be licensed and insured?
Whenever a landscaping project is done on a property, the contractor should be licensed and fully insured. If an accident occurs the property owner is financially responsible for any damages if the landscaping contractor is not carrying insurance. East Coast Landscape Design is proud to be the premier licensed landscaping company in the Washington D.C. metro area, and their contractors are fully insured.

2. Where should the fire pit be placed?
Fire pits built in Gaithersburg, MD should be placed at least 10 feet away from any building, including neighboring fence lines. Some counties require this by law, while others simply suggest it as a safety recommendation. The fire pit should also be placed away from low hanging branches and eaves. The talented design staff will help home owners find the perfect location for their fire pit.

3. Are there safety issues home owners should be aware of?
Before East Coast Landscape Design leaves the property, they will make sure that their clients know how to safely use their fire pit. Some of their safety tips include not burning soft woods in fire pits on Gaithersburg, MD properties, and refraining from wearing loose fitting or flammable clothing near an open flame. East Coast Landscape Design also wants to stress that pets and small children should always be keep at least three feet away from a fire pit when it is being used.

4. What type of fuel can fire pits on Gaithersburg, MD properties use?
East Coast Landscape Design is proud to be able to offer their customers the choice of gas or wood burning fire pits. They are also capable of designing and installing a dual fuel fire pit. This allows their clients to find the perfect fire pit to fit their lifestyle and budget.

For more than thirty years East Coast Landscape Design has been meeting the needs of residential and commercial property owners. Their skilled staff will work closely with their clients to create a fire pit that they will enjoy for years.

Fire Pits Kensington MD

Since 1979, Mark Simpson and his team at East Coast Landscape Design have been helping their clients turn their dreams for their properties into reality. Their years of experience ensures that they have the knowledge to take on any landscaping project, including the design and construction of fire pits on Kensington, MD properties. East Coast Landscape Design will work closely with their clients to ensure that the finished project meets and exceeds their dreams for the property. It is this commitment to their customers’ complete satisfaction that has made them one of the premier licensed landscaping companies in the Washington, D.C. metro area.

Outdoor living spaces are no longer simple areas with a few chairs, plants and possibly a grill. Now these areas can come with an amazing array of features and amenities, depending on the needs of the property owner. Customized seating and decorative planters are popular options, along with fire pits built on Kensington, MD backyards. A skillfully designed and installed fire pit can provide warmth on cool evenings and create an inviting place for family and friends to gather. Even the size and design of a fire pit can vary so it’s easy for clients to find one that is perfect for their property, and meets their budget.

When clients express an interest in having fire pits installed on their Kensington, MD properties, the staff at East Coast Landscape Design knows the right questions to ask. They realize that their customers’ view their properties as investments. This is one of the reasons they take the time to ensure that the fire pit is functional, and adds value to the property. Some of the design options East Coast Landscape Design offers to their clients include,

  • Type of fuel burned
  • Size and location
  • Materials used
  • Additional features and amenities

With over thirty years of experience, East Coast Landscape Design is well qualified to create and construct a variety of fire pits for their clients in Kensington, MD. Their vast knowledge allows them the opportunity to offer their clients a variety of design options, including the choice of wood, gas or duel fuel burning fire pits. The licensed landscaping contractor will carefully evaluate the property to ensure that the fire pit fits the suggested location, and meets all safety requirements.

East Coast Landscape Design has only one goal, to create and install functional and beautiful outdoor spaces that can be enjoyed by their clients for years. They firmly believe that any additions on the property should complement the existing environment, and they strive to use natural materials whenever possible. Not only does this benefit the environment, but the overall appearance of the final project. With their record of excellence, property owners know that they can depend on East Coast Landscape Design.