Greenbelt MD Heated Driveways And Walkways

When it comes to getting ready for the frigid, winter snows, the Public Works Department of Greenbelt, Maryland are no slouches, and begin to get ready for winter as early as late September or early October. Greenbelt usually gets an average of about 13 inches of snow per year. As you may be able to guess, all of this snow and ice is not only an inconvenience, it’s also hazardous to our health and overall well being. Not only that, but every day commuting becomes much riskier, due to the accumulation of snow and ice on the roadways. All of this, along with the negative health effects of shoveling snow, and damage road salt does to our concrete and environment, means that it’s time for many to find a better way, a new and more efficient solution. At East Coast Landscape and Design, in Greenbelt MD, we believe that the installation of heated driveways and walkways provides you with the perfect solution.


Making Our Driveways and Walkways Snow and Ice Free


An asphalt or concrete driveway is a splendid addition to any residential property. Properly maintained these driveways will not only improve the appearance of your home, but also add to their property value and curb appeal. Freezing rain, snow and ice not only are dangerous for you and your family, but they can also play havoc with the state of your concrete or aged asphalt driveway. Salt will cause your concrete driveway or walkway to deteriorate. So, knowing this, how can you keep your drive and walkways free from ice and snow accumulation?


This is accomplished by the installation of an outdoor radiant heating system, also known as snow melt technology. Which means that your driveway and walkways will be free from ice and snow during the season, and do it all without the use of harsh chemicals, such as road salts. This snow melt technology works by heating up the surface of your pavement, so the moment when snow hits the surface, it will immediately melt, leaving you with no accumulation. The end result is a clean driveway or walkway, free from snow and ice.


The Problem with Deicers


There’s no question about it, a well paved driveway is an asset to your property, so why contribute to its early ruination by applying rock salt and other deicers? Were you aware, that over time, the utilization of rock salt to melt snow and ice will cause wide, unsightly cracks, pits and holes in your concrete? All of this unnecessary damage adds up to costly maintenance repairs down the road. This damage occurs because rock salt is made up of sodium chloride. As the rock salt does its duty of melting snow and ice, it also penetrates your pavements porous surface and cracks. Add the fact that as the ice and snow melts, the resulting runoff spills into our environment, causing much damage to wildlife and vegetation.


What Exactly is Outdoor Radiant Heating?


When it comes to outdoor radiant heating, the two types to consider are electric and hydronic. In the electric method, a current begins to travel down a series of metal rods or cables. The current causes a gentle increase in temperature, which then warms the surface of the pavement. In hydronic radiant heating, a professional will install tubing beneath your pavement. Then, a blend of water and antifreeze will travel through the tubes, heating up the pavement. In each case, the surface warms so no snow or ice can gain a solid footing, and your pavement remains clear.


Keep in mind that when you plan your installation, that you only need to install the heating system where you need it. This means that no matter the size of your driveway, if you only require a certain square footage to be heated, then that is all which is installed, no more and no less. Once installed, know that your new, outdoor radiant heating system will not require any further maintenance. When you notice the first signs of snowfall, just walk to your indoor switch, flip it and go back to whatever it is you were doing. No more backbreaking shoveling routines several times a day, no more lugging home bags of rock salt, and no more paying rental fees for snow blowers.


These snow melt systems need not be limited to your heated driveways and walkways in Greenbelt, MD. In fact, did you know we can also help you install them underneath your concrete patio, around your hot tub and perhaps, even your balcony? This is very true. With the addition of snow melt heating to your patio, you are now free to grill your favorite meals, all year long. Once installed around your hot tub, entering and leaving the tub will no longer mean placing your feet on frozen concrete. Instead, you’ll be immersed by the soft, warm heat which emanates from the surrounding pavement.



When it comes to finding answer to your snow removal questions or any of your landscaping needs, let the professionals at East Coast Landscape and Design be your trusted guide. East Coast Landscape and Design is your one stop solution for all of your outdoor radiant heating needs. Our heated driveways and walkways have make the lives of our clients in Greenbelt, MD much easier during the winter months, as they now let the pavement remove the snow and ice for them. If this solution is for you, why not give us a call at 301-421-4141 to request an estimate today. One of our friendly and informed staff members will be right there to assist you with any queries you may have.

Gaithersburg MD Heated Driveways And Walkways

According to a well known orthopedic surgeon who authored a study on the dangers of snow blowers, many snow blower injuries occur when people ignore the warnings, and stick their hands down the chute to unclog the snow. This often results in injuries to that hand such as sliced fingers, and in the worst case scenario, the need for a complete amputation. Operating a snow blower is not the only risk to those involved in manual snow removal. It’s no secret that many people suffer heart attacks when shoveling snow. When you shovel snow, your heart demands more oxygen than when you are sitting and watching television. While this may not be injurious to those in tip top physical condition, for sedentary individuals it can be critical, especially if they have a coronary condition they are unaware of. Fortunately, there’s a much better way to remove snow and ice from your pavement: Outdoor radiant heating. At East Coast Landscape and Design, our team of professionally trained crew members can install a radiant heated driveway or walkway in Gaithersburg MD, for you, quickly and easily.


The Hidden Dangers of Deicers


Deicers are rock salt or other products used to specifically help melt ice and snow. An application of a deicer does not necessarily take the work out of shoveling your pathways. First of all, these deicers only work where you’ve tossed them. If you’ve aimlessly thrown them onto the surface with no rhyme or reason, then you’ll end up with uneven patches of clear areas mixed in with snow/ice packed sections. Secondly, deicers are not friendly to your vehicle’s finish, your pets health, or the environment. Road salts can corrode and damage your cars paint job, your pets can become ill when their feet come in contact with these chemicals, and the plant and animal life will be harmed from the runoff.


All of this combined with the abrasive damage and chipping caused by using a manual snow shovel, along with the dangers of operating a snow blower means that you’re not only risking your health, but damaging your property. With outdoor radiant heating, the pavement works for you. As a result, there’s no more rushing out to spend money on bags of salt, spending hours out in the cold, buying the newest snow shovel design, paying for snow removal equipment rental or someone to shovel for you. If any of this concerns you, please feel free to contact us, and one of our trained professionals will be able to guide you through the process of obtaining permanently heated driveways and walkways for your Gaithersburg, MD property.


What is a Radiant Heating System?


When that first snowflake falls, it’s a hint of what’s to come. However, if you had an outdoor radiant heating system installed underneath your drive or walkway, that tiny, delicate snowflake would melt the moment it touched the surface. Why? Because the heat emanating from the pavement would cause it to melt on contact, which would prevent the accumulation of snow or ice in the first place.


There are two main types of radiant heating systems: Electric radiant heat and hydronic. With the electric method, heat travels through metal coils which lie underneath your driveway or walkway. In hydronic radiant heating, a mixture of water and antifreeze is pumped through PVC piping, which then warms your pavement. If you’re concerned about pets, please don’t be. In either case, the pavement never warms to the point where it will burn their feet.


No matter which type of radiant heating system you select, the bright spot is that you can control what sections obtain the heat. Say that you only use one section of your driveway to park your vehicle. If that is the case, you only need to have the radiant heating system in that one area. Knowing this, means you have direct control over the total cost of your installation. You’ll also never have to rush out to purchase a couple of bags of rock salt at the last minute, shovels or have to pay someone to do the shoveling for you.


Don’t Forget the Patio!


Today, people are keen to utilize every inch of their property, and that includes creating outdoor living areas. More and more homeowners are enjoying the benefits of an outdoor cooking area, and with outdoor radiant heating, they are free to grill outdoors even in the winter. For those of you with a hot tub, who enjoy the thought of relaxing in a nice, hot soak in the middle of a wintry wonderland, then consider having radiant heating installed in the concrete surrounding the hot tub. This gives you a nice, warm surface surrounding the tub, that’s both ice and snow free. If you’ve a balcony you’d like heated, talk to one of our staff to see if it can be installed there, so you can enjoy many lovely, winter nights gazing at the stars on a winters night in warmth, comfort and peace.




Enjoy a hassle free winter and holiday season this year with a heated driveway, walkway or both for your Gaithersburg, MD home or business, courtesy of the professionals at East Coast Landscape and Design. As a proud member of Angie’s List for over 13 years, we’ve earned our stripes when it comes to creating customer satisfaction and convenience. Once our professionals have installed the heating system to the paved areas of your choosing, we are confident that you’ll find letting the pavement do the work for you, gives you peace of mind and a more restful winter season. If you’ve any questions, please call us at 301-421-4141 to request an estimate. We’ll be happy to guide you through the process, and answer any questions you may have.

Columbia MD Heated Driveways And Walkways

In Columbia, MD, is a beautiful area that is host to good people, family friendly parks and an excellent educational system. When it comes to winter, their average snowfall is around 18 inches a year, and according to the Old Farmers Almanac, 2018 will see their heaviest snowfalls in early December. When it comes around to this time of year, many people invest in the newest shovel, fuel up their snow blower, while gathering sacks upon sacks of rock salt or other deicer product. If we were to tell you that there was an easier way, would you believe it? Well, yes there is an easier way, and its called outdoor radiant heating, or snow melt technology. At East Coast Landscape and Design, our team of trusted, licensed professionals will be able to assess the situation, and fit your Columbia, MD home or business with the perfect, heated driveway and walkway solution.


The Benefits Involved with Outdoor Radiant Heating


While it’s not something that comes to mind immediately, properly maintained paved driveways and concrete walkways add to the overall property value of your home. That being said, it doesn’t make sense to put them through undue abuse, and that’s just what happens during winter season. When it comes to traditional methods of manual snow removal, such as using salts and shovels, your expensive pavement can take in considerable damage if you’re not careful.


Both deicers such as rock salt, and common, manual shoveling both can do damage to your pavement. The sodium chloride of rock salt discolors and corrodes your concrete, while the constant shoveling, scraping and picking with your shovel and ice picks cause the integrity of your pavement to suffer over time. Not only that, but products such as rock salt cause damage to your pets, wildlife, and local fresh water areas. Add to that the health issues involved with shoveling for those lacking physical fitness, and you’ve got a good, solid and sound argument for implementing outdoor radiant heating on your property.


Our Snow Melt Technology Philosophy


When considering adding this type of technology to your business or residential property, it’s only natural that you have questions. At East Coast Landscape and Design, we are well aware of this and are here to help answer them. First of all, we employ only the best, licensed and experienced workers in the field. They will attend to the business of installing your heated driveway and walkway for your Columbia, MD property, just as you ask. For you see, with this type of outdoor heating, you can decide where you want it. No matter what the size of your drive or walkway, we only place the heating system where you see fit.

How Does Outdoor Radiant Heating Work?


Snow melt technology is a permanent way to end the long suffering cycle of shoveling and salting. It accomplishes this in one of two ways. The first method involves electric heating. Here, the system uses an electric current to warm your pavement. In the second method, know as hydronic, a mixture of water and antifreeze is moved through tubing. In both of these practices, the system is underneath your pavement, and once installed, will require no future maintenance.


Once you contact us, we’ll answer any questions regarding placement and procedure. After all, did you know that you can have snow melt technology installed for your patio as well? Those of you with outdoor kitchens or grills know the joy you experience from cooking on them. The flavors, smells and overall fun involved in catering your own Christmas party is a great idea, and installing outdoor radiant heating under your patio can make that happen, by allowing you to grill all year long. You can also place this heating around your hot tub, or even around your bird feeder. Just add a surrounding concrete pavement, with your bird feeder in the center, install some heating, and your feathered friends can enjoy their seeds in warmth.



By installing a heated driveway or walkway for your Columbia, MD home or business property, you’ll be providing friends, family, clients and delivery personnel with a secure walking and driving surface, and do it all without the troubles of utilizing traditional, manual snow removal methods. Be confident when hiring our team, as we have been proud members of the Better Business Bureau, Angie’s List, Best Picks certified and more for many, many years. We are here to serve you, so give us a call today, at 301-421-4141, to see just what it is our team of expertly trained professionals can to for your home or business. Whether you have concerns about the footing surrounding an assisted living facility residence, a ramp used by delivery personnel or your home, outdoor radiant heating technology gives you a permanent solution, which leads to peace of mind in the upcoming winter months.

Bladensburg MD Heated Driveways And Walkways

Outdoor radiant heating is a type of system works on the principle of radiant heat transfer. This means that heat is delivered directly from the warm surface of the pavement, melting any snow or ice on the pavement. In order to receive the best possible installation, we at East Coast Landscape and Design, employ only the most talented and efficient landscape professionals in the business today. Our team of licensed workmen will visit your residential or commercial property, assess the situation, listen to your needs and concerns. As a result you’ll get the best heated driveway and walkway installation in Bladensburg, MD.


Experience the Joy and Satisfaction of Permanent Snow Removal


There’s no question about it. The very act of getting up several times a day to shovel and salt your pavement can be a pain. Not only that, there are legal ramifications if someone slips and falls, which can be devastating for any business owner. Therefore, whether you own a cafe with outdoor seating, employ the use of a ramp to make deliveries more accessible, or simply want to melt the snow from your driveway, know that installing a heated driveway or walkway for your Bladensburg property means leaving all the hassle and expense of manual snow removal, behind.


According to a study in the New England Journal of Medicine, the very act of shoveling snow can trigger coronary plaque rupture, sudden cardiac death, myocardial infarctions and unstable angina. These are not considerations to take lightly, especially if you live a sedentary lifestyle, or have elderly family members to be concerned about. This study states that during a blizzard which affected New Jersey in 1996, they examined the cases of 19 people who were hospitalized due to the exertion of shoveling snow, and found that in all cases, a cardial malfunction was to blame. Knowing this, once you speak with one of our professionals, you’ll be able to decide if the addition of outdoor radiant heating to permanently remove snow is for you.


How Does it Work?


Also referred to as snow melt technology, outdoor radiant heating is a simple concept. Once you notice the first snowfall, proceed to your controls which are located in the comfort of your own home. Flip the switch, and your pavement will begin to warm. This means that all snowflakes that hit that pavement will be melted on contact. This also prevents the accumulation of ice. Next, just relax, read a good book, go to bed and wake up the next day to a perfectly clean and clear driveway or walkway. It accomplishes this by installing a heating system using either an electric current, or a mixture of water and anti-freeze to warm the pavement.


As for the benefits? They are many. Not only does it reduce the risk of nasty slips and falls, but it also is much better for your pavement, your health and the environment. Let’s face it, the sodium chloride contained in rock salt simply ruins your concrete over time. it chomps away at it, weakening the surface integrity, leading to unsightly cracks and pitting. Add to that the damage salts and other deicer chemicals do to our environment, as the runoff enters our fresh water supply, makes our pets and wildlife sick, and even damages the finish on our expensive vehicles. By installing snow melt technology, you not only get peace of mind, but there’s no more hiring someone to shovel, purchasing huge bags of salt, or renting snow removal equipment, all of which now becomes a distant nightmare once lived.


Wait, There’s More!


While we’ve mentioned the obvious, did you know that you can also have this type of outdoor heating installed around your grill? Yes, it’s true. In today’s world, people have not only grills outside, but many have complex outdoor kitchens, complete with gas grills, fire pits and year-round brick wall seating. Some even compliment it all with the addition of a hot tub. Once you have this heating installed under your concrete patio, you’re now free to grill your Holiday dinners outside. Also, speak with one of our professionals to see if you can have this outdoor radiant heating installed on your balcony as well.




As you can now see, by having us come out and install a heated driveway or walkway on your Bladensburg, MD property, you’ll only reap benefits and eliminate all the headaches. Once installed, our heating systems will require no maintenance, so you’ll be able to rest secure in the knowledge that the snow you see tonight, will be gone by morning. These heated melting systems let the pavement work for you, while extending the life span of your pavement, thereby increasing the value of your property. We custom tailor each and every outdoor radiant heating system to your particular home or business needs, giving you a dependable, reliable and long lasting solution to your snow removal problem. Please give us a call, today at 301-421-4141 to receive an estimate, and speak with one of our staff members, who will be more than happy to guide you through the process, and schedule a visit.

Bethesda MD Heated Driveways And Walkways

Anyone familiar with the Fallout gaming franchise knows the name ‘Bethesda’. The games are created by Bethesda studios, who actually placed the town of Bethesda, MD within their Fallout 3 game. This beautiful, vibrant, unincorporated town in Maryland is know far and wide for its thriving art, culture and business community. The cold, snows Bethesda experiences can begin as early as November, and last up until March. According to the Old Farmers Almanac, in 2018, they will experience the most snowfall beginning in early December, then late January and the last in the middle of February. With the prospect of snow occurring off and on for around 4 months, it makes perfect sense to find an easy way to manage your snow removal. For many people, that solution is to install outdoor radiant heating, and at East Coast Landscape and design, we can do just that, provide you with heated driveways and walkways for your Bethesda, MD home or business property.


Outdoor Radiant Heating Technology Makes All the Difference


Outdoor radiant heating is also known as snow melt technology or snow melt system. Its purpose is to ensure that your driveway, walkway, steps, patio or deck remain free from snow and ice accumulation. This technology is not only for home use, you can find this it being used in cafes and restaurants that have outdoor seating, warehouse delivery areas, walk-up ramps, and assisted living facilities. As you can see, outdoor radiant heating technology, or snow melt technology, can be used anywhere you wish to remain snow and ice free.


Radiant heating can be installed using one of two methods: hydronic or electric. Just as the name implies, hydronic means a water based system. Here, a mix of water and antifreeze is pumped through tubes beneath the pavement. As the mixture circulates, it heats up the pavement, melting the snow on the surface. The second method is electric. This involves either metal rods or heavy electric cables. When turned on, the electric current begins to warm up the surface. Once installed, this system is maintenance free, so no worries about having to pay for future maintenance costs. At East Coast Landscape and Design, we are able to install heated driveways and walkways for any home or business in Bethesda, MD that requires it.


Why Not Just Shovel or Use Salt?


Shoveling thick, heavy, wet snow taxes the heart. It puts so much strain on the cardiac system, that many individuals fall ill or worse, suffer a heart attack. Let’s face it, not everyone is an athlete, or in top physical shape, so to go from sedentary to heart pumping physical activity is very dangerous. As for deicers, they pose their own problem. Deicers are products such as rock salt and chemicals which melt snow and ice. These chemicals not only damage your concrete, but also are hazardous to pets, wildlife, vegetation and the environment. Finally, when you consider the cost of a lawsuit in case someone slips and falls on your driveway in this litigious world, you’ll realize the crucial importance of installing outdoor radiant heating, especially for your business.


Allows You to Enjoy Your Outdoor Living Areas


Those of you who enjoy your outdoor living areas in the spring and summer, need not give up grilling and entertaining in the winter months. How can this be? If you thought “outdoor radiant heating” you’d be right! In fact, more and more people are installing this heating system underneath their decks, patios, and baloney’s, than ever before. Imagine, once you have your heating system installed, you can grill and even entertain in the middle of December. Get your party plans ready, erect some colorful outdoor lighting, decorate your home, bushes and trees, and cater your entire Christmas dinner straight from your grill. You can even have this radiant heating embedded withing the concrete that surrounds your outdoor hot tub, so you can enjoy a relaxing, hot soak in the middle of a snowy, wintry, white wonderland.



When it comes down to it, you want the absolute best for your residential or commercial property. At East Coast Landscape and Design, our professional, licensed workers are able to install heated driveways and walkways for your home or business needs. Simply contact us at 301-421-4141 and discuss the matter fully with one of our highly trained, customer service staff. There, they’ll be more than happy to explain the benefits of adding a radiant heating system to your property. These heating systems increase the value of your property, as well. We pay close attention to our clients needs, and will base our installation projects on the size of your driveway, the area you want handled, plus explain to you the procedure involved. Call us today, and have us come out to visit you, tomorrow.