Spring Tune-Ups of Irrigation Systems in Silver Spring MD

Spring tune-ups of irrigation systems in Silver Spring MD prolong the life of irrigation systems in Silver Spring Maryland and save water, time, and money. Performing a tune-up on irrigation systems in Solver Spring MD are not really a DIY project. There are multiple tasks to undertake – however, if you’re not an expert, a mistake could cost you.

The following steps should be included in a spring tune-up of your irrigation system:

  1. Open the system main water valve slowly to allow pipes to fill with water gradually. (Valves opened under too much pressure could cause sprinkler mainlines to crack.)
  2. Confirm that each station valve is working by manually activating all zones from the controller.
  3. Walk through each station on the controller, checking for proper operation of the zone. Check operating pressure, proper rotation, and ensure sprinkler heads provide adequate watering coverage.
  4. Check and clean filters on poorly performing sprinklers; fix or replace parts as needed. Adjust heads to grade if necessary.
  5. Reprogram the controller for automatic watering.
  6. Replace the controller back-up battery if necessary.
  7. Uncover and clean the system weather sensor, if applicable.

For more information, please contact East Coast Landscape Design, the irrigation systems experts in Silver Spring MD. These qualified professionals understand hydraulic pressure, sprinkler system layout, soil concerns, and the watering requirements of your home’s landscape.

Creating More Privacy for Flagstone Patios in MD

Flagstone patios are a popular with MD homeowners – but how can you make your flagstone patio feel more private? The solution is to use a combination of hardscape and landscape design techniques. Here’s how:

  • Plant hedges and ornamental grasses that grow lush and tall around your flagstone patio
  • Install a privacy fence around your flagstone patio
  • Add some latticework to your flagstone patio
  • Obscure the view by creating a curved pathway leading to your flagstone patio
  • Build a simple pergola and plant climbing vines around your flagstone patio
  • Create a wall of planters
  • Add a canopy over the flagstone patio
  • Build retaining walls to enclose your flagstone patio

Need more ideas about creating more privacy for flagstone patios in MD? Please contact East Coast Landscape Design. The East Coast Landscape Design team has over a quarter century of experience in the design, installation, and care of beautifully private flagstone patios in MD.