Is College Park Md Landscaping An Art Or A Science?

“Is College Park Md landscaping an art or a science?” We get this question from the clients we work with, and from people who want to have landscaping work done and are just exploring their options often enough that we thought we’d turn it into the topic for this article, in case you’ve been wondering the same thing.

The question stems from the fact that artistry clearly plays a pivotal role in any landscaping project you might undertake. After all, why spend your hard earned money paying for landscaping that looks terrible? Nobody would do that, so obviously, the artistic side of the equation matters a great deal, and if you’re just interested in doing some small projects around your yard you can tackle yourself, like adding a flowerbed or a simple stone path, science doesn’t really have a role to play.

Larger and more involved projects, however, are a different matter entirely. Big landscaping problems are almost always chasing two goals: They seek to solve a real, practical problem, and they should enhance the beauty and value of your property at the same time. Here are a few examples of the kinds of problems more substantial landscaping projects solve:

  • Increasing the amount of usable land on your property – If your property has lots of ‘goat slopes’ on it, then you may not have a lot of land you can actually use and enjoy. Terracing those slopes will give you more functional space to use for planting or entertaining.
  • Solving for drainage issues – Few things are more damaging to your home than water, and if you have water pooling on your property after a hard rain, especially if it’s pooling quite close to your house, getting that problem fixed should be a huge priority.
  • Minimizing the impact of erosion – This is often, but not always tied to drainage issues. If there’s a serious drainage issue, you’ll likely need a retaining wall to help matters, but if you just want to minimize the impact of soil erosion, mostly that comes down to finding and planting the right kind of ground cover and doing so in a way that won’t allow the root systems of those plants to interfere with the pipes that bring water into your home or interfere with the proper functioning of your septic system, if you have one.

Solving for those kinds of problems requires a strong focus on science and engineering. Given that, the answer to the question “Is College Park Md landscaping an art or a science?” really only has one viable answer. It’s both. It has to be.

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Is Upper Marlboro Md Landscaping An Art Or A Science?

Is Upper Marlboro Md landscaping an art or a science? It’s a question we get often enough that we thought it would make an excellent article topic in case you’ve been wondering the same thing.

It’s pretty easy to see where the question comes from. After all, who wants to spend money on landscaping that doesn’t enhance the beauty of your property? It’s an undeniable fact that aesthetics play a pivotal role in any landscaping project.

The simple truth is that there are all sorts of ways you can beautify your property. You could plant a flower garden or install a simple stone path from the driveway to your front door. Those things look great if done well, but that’s not really landscaping.

A major landscaping project transforms your property and anytime you do that, science and engineering both have an important role to play. When you start talking about making substantial changes to your property say, to give yourself more usable space or to simultaneously beautify your property and solve a practical problem like a drainage issue, you’re going to have to take your soil’s composition, topography and the way water flows over your land into account or your efforts will ultimately come to nothing.

If you have significant landscaping ambitions in mind, the best way to begin is to create a Master Landscaping Design document. This does a lot more than put all of your landscaping goals in one place, it also allows you to prioritize and see clearly the role that science and engineering have to play in the process.

If you start trying to put that document together and find yourself struggling with it, that’s something we can definitely help with. Sometimes, a second pair of eyes will prove invaluable in terms of helping you clarify your vision and map out the best and most optimal way to get your property from where it is right now to where you ultimately want it to be.

Done well, a landscaping project will solve a real, practical issue that’s impacting the use and full enjoyment of your property while simultaneously beautifying it and enhancing its value. It’s definitely not something you want to try to attempt on your own.

With all of that in mind, ultimately, the answer to the question “Is Upper Marlboro Md landscaping an art or a science?” is that it’s both, and our talented experts can help you transform your property into the showplace you always knew it could be.

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Is Calverton Md Landscaping An Art Or A Science?

One of the many fun parts about what we do is talking to the clients we serve. When we do that—and we do it a lot—we get tons of great questions like the one used in the subject heading above. In fact, we get this one often enough that we thought it would be a good article topic in the even that you’ve been thinking some variant of the same thing but weren’t sure who to ask.

It’s easy to see where the question comes from. People simply aren’t going to pay for landscaping work that doesn’t beautify their property so of course artistry plays a major role in the equation. The question is – is it the only thing that plays a role?

A complete answer requires a bit of explanation. First, sure, if you’re doing a small project – the kind you can handle by yourself on the weekend without calling in the pros, then there’s probably not much, if any science involved. You don’t need to do complex equations to plant a flower bed around your porch. Other than some basic math, you don’t need to do anything special to place a few paving stones to create a short walkway from your driveway to your front door.

Having said that, if you plan on doing any major landscaping, science and engineering almost have to have a significant role.

Major landscaping projects tend to simultaneously solve a problem you’re having and look awesome while they’re doing it. Some of the problems you might solve via landscaping are things like:

  • Drainage issues
  • Erosion problems
  • And terracing to give you more usable space in your yard

These are serious issues. If left unchecked, standing water can cause major damage to your house and any outbuildings you have. Rapid erosion can lead to drainage problems and even if it doesn’t, can completely alter the topography of your property much more quickly than you think. Terracing is critical if your property has a lot of steep slopes, which limits the amount of usable land you have to work with. If you want more, rather than buying additional acreage, you can simply terrace those slopes.

You can’t solve for problems like that without science and engineering so ultimately the answer to the question “Is Calverton Md landscaping an art or a science?” is that it’s both.

The good news is that we can help with that. Whatever your landscaping ambitions are, we’ve got you covered, so when you’re ready to stop dreaming about the landscaping you’d like to do and start transforming your property, give our office a call. We’re looking forward to working with you!