Outdoor Living: Enjoy Year Round Patios in Gaithersburg MD

Outdoor living – enjoying patios year round – is becoming the norm for some Gaithersburg MD families. Year round patios are designed to be suitable and reliable for use during most Gaithersburg MD weather – heat, snow, rain, and wind. Hardscaping, landscaping, and outdoor kitchens all play a role in making patios in Gaithersburg MD enjoyable all through the year.

  • Hardscaping – Patios designed and built with radiant heating prevent snow and ice, and keep your family comfortable during colder temps; stone fire pits and fireplaces provide extra heat; stone fountains and other water features can help keep your patio cooler in the summer.
  • Landscaping – in general, the more greenery around your patio, the cooler it will be. Shade trees provide cover and cool things off in the summer; bushes can be a wind breaker; herbal gardens provide seasoning to your food; perennial and annual flowers are a feast for the eyes, and can bloom through most of the year.
  • Outdoor Kitchens – prepare and enjoy most meals (and drinks) outdoors; covered dining tables and bars protect from the sun and rain.

For more information on year round patios in Gaithersburg MD, please contact East Coast Landscape Design. The experienced professionals at East Coast Landscape Design work with homeowners to design dream patios that can be used year-round Gaithersburg MD.

Landscape Design to Prevent Fall Allergies at your Rockville MD Home

Did you know that landscape design can prevent or lessen fall allergies at your Rockville MD home?

Fall allergies occur from mid-August until the first hard frost. These allergies are cause by both pollen and mold spores. The pollen comes from weeds and grasses, and the mold comes from fallen tree leaves.

If you or your family members suffer from fall allergies, you may think there’s nothing you can do – besides take allergy medicine, and invest in a huge Costco-sized pallet of tissues. However, there are changes you can make to your landscape design in Rockville MD to prevent or lessen fall allergies at your home. These changes include:

  • Weed reduction – mulch often and with hard materials where possible
  • Grass reduction – hardscape where possible, including patios and walkways
  • Leaf reduction – replace leafy trees with evergreens

For more information on landscape design to prevent fall allergies at your Rockville MD home, please contact East Coast Landscape Design. For over 30 years, East Coast Landscape Design has been Rockville MD’s leading licensed landscape contractor, and has designed and installed many allergy-reducing landscapes.