Landscape Design in Silver Spring, MD: Catch Basins

If you notice sitting water in your landscaping, you may consider adding catch basins to your landscape design in Silver Spring, MD.

Reducing the surface area water in your backyard can minimize plant illness and assist keep your plantings healthy, along with aid avoid leakages and wetness in your house’s structure and walls.

Catch basins gather excess surface area water from grass locations, hardscaped locations, planter beds, and other landscape functions. Excess water streams into a surface area drain system through catch basins, which gather particles and avoid pipeline obstructing.

Catch basins can be found in a variety of various designs to accommodate drain throughout locations in your landscape. For instance, round catch basins and drain gates are set up in grass locations, while square catch basins and grates are utilized around pools and hardscape locations, such as driveways and pathways.

Catch basins need routine upkeep, consisting of frequently cleaning out particles and debris, to keep the drain clear. Every now and then, utilize a trash can and rubber gloves to clear out such particles as leaves, yard, sticks, and mud. It’s a great idea to routinely clear out catch basins in the fall, a time throughout which leaves have the tendency to accumulate rapidly.

For more details on how catch basins can solve water problems with your landscape design in Silver Spring, MD, please contact the experts at East Coast Landscape Design.

Landscape Design in Rockville, MD: Small Yards

Landscape design for small yards in Rockville, MD can be challenging – but the outcome can be amazing.

You may think that small yards are meant to be plain and “open” in order to seem bigger. But here’s the thing – your yard can seem so much bigger if your landscape design is well-planned and makes the most of your small Rockville, MD yard.

Building Up, Not Out
Great small yard landscape design includes horizontal and vertical features. For instance, you can:

  • Use your fencing and home as colorful backdrops for your landscaping
  • Hang plants on the fence, shepherd’s hooks, or a lattice panel
  • Add a water feature – such as a water wall – which takes up little horizontal space, but adds a lot of drama to your small yard’s landscape design.
  • Build a pergola – which is a fantastic design feature for a small space. Adding lights and climbing plants to the pergola can add romantic charm and a feeling of a “get away” to the landscape design of your small yard in Rockville, MD.
  • Integrate raised beds for your plants, and use colors that pop
  • Add a tall focal point to your small yard design – such as a tree or bamboo
  • Install a floating deck in the farthest part of the yard; add a winding pathway to enhance the feeling of a destination

Enhance your Space with Color
Cool colors (like blues and greens) actually make a small space look larger. Therefore, if you would like your yard to feel and look larger, choose the colors that make it look that way.

Plants like silver king and evergreens can give your yard a feeling of largeness. Blue spruce and Alberta pine are good examples of plants that add a decorative touch while helping your property look bigger. In fact, Alberta pines are rather small trees, so they do not take up very much space while at the same time conferring a feeling of maximum space.

Layering in various shades of greens will also give an appearance of depth and richness to the landscape design for your small yard in Rockville, MD.

For more information about landscape design for your small yard in Rockville, MD, please contact East Coast Landscape Design. For over 30 years, East Coast Landscape Design has actually been Rockville, MD’s leading certified landscape specialist.