Outdoor Fire Pit Silver Spring MD

Should you invest in an outdoor fire pit in Silver Spring, MD? Do you love gazing into a fire any time of the year? Do you enjoy telling ghost stories on long summer nights? Like to drink mulled cider on cold winter afternoons? Is warming up around an outdoor fire on crisp spring and fall days your idea of heaven? Then an outdoor fire pit is for you.


On a practical level, a fire pit offers 4 big benefits for homeowners and their families:

  • Adds curb appeal and value to the property
  • Makes it easy to entertain one person or a crowd
  • Encourages families to get more use out of their outdoor living space year round
  • Creates a focal point for the landscape design


A properly designed and constructed outdoor fire pit in Silver Spring, MD, will last for years and is very easy to maintain. Homebuyers love amenities like that. When the marketplace is crowded with other houses for sale, yours will stand out from the crowd because of the curb appeal a beautiful fire pit gives your property.


The team at East Coast Landscape Design has been helping homeowners just like you make the most of their exterior space since 1979. The designers and builders can come up with the perfect fire pit for your home. Working with a wide range of budgets, the skilled craftspeople at East Coast can create one in whatever style you like.


Variety is the best way to describe your choices when you decide to build an outdoor fire pit in Silver Spring, MD. You can have it burn wood or fueled by gas. It can be built with bricks, stone, metal or other materials. It can be circular, square or any shape you choose. The end product has a custom look that blends in seamlessly with your garden and the look of your home.


Owners rave that a fire pit is a conversation magnet. People are drawn to the fire and to the elegant look of the pit. A fire pit is warm and cozy, brightens up an evening and is the perfect place to relax and unwind.


You can have your guests cook their own food on the fire pit. Just add a grill and you can cook steaks, vegetables, anything that fits on a grill. Or give your teens kabobs and hot dogs on skewers. And don’t forget the marshmallows.


The team at East Coast Landscape Design offers competitive pricing, skilled craftspeople, creative design work, and excellent customer service. When you want the best fire pit, or other outdoor project, at a price you can afford, East Coast can deliver.


For a quote for an outdoor fire pit in Silver Spring, MD, call the experts at East Coast Landscape Design today.

Landscape Design Silver Springs, MD

In Silver Springs, MD, landscape design is one of the most cost-effective ways for a property owner to boost the value of a home. The right design grabs the attention of prospective homebuyers, a big plus when the marketplace is crowded.

3 Benefits of Landscape Design

Landscape design offers many benefits for property owners. Here is a look at three of the most important.

Curb appeal. An attractive yard gets more prospective homebuyers stopping in to check out the home, the first important step to making a sale. When the yard has a pulled-together look, it stands out in a neighborhood. It looks upscale, which every homebuyer loves.

Usability. When done by a professional, landscape design in Silver Springs, MD, makes the yard more functional. It frees up space that was previously inaccessible. The addition of retaining walls and walkways makes it easier for people to reach parts of the property that were previously unusable.

Beauty. A creative plan that joins the house and property into a seamless whole brings natural beauty to a property. With the strategic use of flowers, shrubs and trees, the designer can create a yard that is color and harmonious all year long.

An Investment, Not an Expense

The right professional landscape design in Silver Springs, MD, adds to the worth of the property. It gives the yard curb appeal, which makes it more likely that buyers will pay the price the owner asks, or even more. It also means the property will likely sell more quickly too.

A designer can also make a home more energy efficient. He understands the environment, how terrain, plants and the house work together. By planting the best trees and shrubs, he can create more shade. That means the owner can use the air conditioner less, reducing his monthly energy bills.

Since for most families the home is the biggest investment, it makes sense to do everything possible to add to its overall value. That’s exactly what landscape design does.

Work with Landscape Design Experts

East Coast Landscape Design has been helping local homeowners make the most of their outdoor space for over 30 years. During this time, the team on staff has earned a reputation for creative design, expert installation, craftsmanship, and caring customer service.

The designers work closely with each client. It’s a team effort, homeowner and East Coast. The final design reflects the preferences and needs of each client.

East Coast Landscape Design handles a variety of outdoor projects, including:

  • Landscape design
  • Retaining walls, erosion control and drainage solutions
  • Outdoor lighting and kitchens
  • Walkways, patios and driveways

For an estimate, call the experts at East Coast Landscape Design today.


Landscape Design in Silver Spring, MD: Catch Basins

If you notice sitting water in your landscaping, you may consider adding catch basins to your landscape design in Silver Spring, MD.

Reducing the surface area water in your backyard can minimize plant illness and assist keep your plantings healthy, along with aid avoid leakages and wetness in your house’s structure and walls.

Catch basins gather excess surface area water from grass locations, hardscaped locations, planter beds, and other landscape functions. Excess water streams into a surface area drain system through catch basins, which gather particles and avoid pipeline obstructing.

Catch basins can be found in a variety of various designs to accommodate drain throughout locations in your landscape. For instance, round catch basins and drain gates are set up in grass locations, while square catch basins and grates are utilized around pools and hardscape locations, such as driveways and pathways.

Catch basins need routine upkeep, consisting of frequently cleaning out particles and debris, to keep the drain clear. Every now and then, utilize a trash can and rubber gloves to clear out such particles as leaves, yard, sticks, and mud. It’s a great idea to routinely clear out catch basins in the fall, a time throughout which leaves have the tendency to accumulate rapidly.

For more details on how catch basins can solve water problems with your landscape design in Silver Spring, MD, please contact the experts at East Coast Landscape Design.

Manage and Use Fall Leaves in Silver Spring, MD Landscaping

Raking leaves on a day when you’d rather be doing anything else is tough – but the chore is done more easily, if you keep in mind that those fall leaves can be put to good use in other areas of your Silver Spring, MD landscaping.

Leaves are an important natural deposit due to the fact that they include 50 to 80 percent of the nutrients a plant extracts from the soil and air throughout the season. It’d be a shame to bag all those nutrients up and send them to a landfill.

Here are some methods to manage and use your fall leaves to benefit the landscaping of your Silver Spring MD home.

Trimming: if you’ve just got a light covering of leaves and you have a mulching lawn mower, you can leave the shredded leaves on the turf.

Mulching: is easy and reliable, utilizing your lawnmower with a bagging accessory to gather and shred the leaves. Take the shredded leaf mulch, and disperse it throughout your landscape. A 3 to 6 inch layer of shredded leaves around the base of trees and shrubs will work well enough – don’t go overboard, though – too much mulch will rot or mildew. With yearly and seasonal flower beds, a 2 to 3 inch mulch of shredded leaves is finest.

Improving soil: utilizing a till, work a 6-8 inch layer of leaves straight into the garden and flower beds. This will enhance the aeration of a clay soil, and will assist light sandy soil with maintaining water and nutrients.

Composting: with or without a bin, you can produce abundant composting for your landscape. You’ll have to layer 6-8 inches of leaves, then include an inch layer of soil, then spray some fertilizer. Repeat these actions and keep the garden compost moist.

For more info on landscaping in Silver Spring MD, please contact East Coast Landscape Design. For over 30 years, East Coast Landscape Design has actually been Silver Spring, MD’s leading certified landscape specialist.

Manage Erosion with Landscape Design in Silver Spring, MD

There are a few ways to manage erosion with landscape design in Silver Spring, MD.

If the erosion is mild, then adding new plants to the landscape design, will go a long way to stabilizing erosion problems.

Depending on where the erosion is located, various groundcovers or hardy native shrubs should be considered for these erosion-prone areas. Mulch or compost can be used in tree and shrub beds, or in areas where vegetation is difficult to grow.

These new plants should be appropriate for the sunlight, shade, moisture, and soil conditions of the erosion site. The plants should have roots that will hold on to the soil (no shallow-rooted plants).

Before replanting, the fill soil may need to be amended. Amending the soil may consist of mixing in compost to make the soil more fertile. Or soil with high clay content may be mixed into the fill soil to give it more density and weight. In order to protect your new plants and give them time to take root, your landscaper may redirect water runoff from that area.

For places in the landscape with erosion and heavy foot traffic, stepping stones, gravel or mulch path can be used to cover and protect eroded areas. Plants and shrubs lining the pathway can offer additional protection against erosion.

If you have a slope with erosion problems, the slope can be terraced or retaining walls built, to hold back the soil and redirect the flow of water through a drainage system.

For large areas with significant erosion, the landscape design at your Silver Spring, MD home may need to undergo some significant changes. In addition to new sod and other vegetation, your landscape designer will want to divert water from erosion-prone areas, redirecting it to a pond, French drain, or an area that where it will cause no harm to your landscape or your home.

For more information on landscape design in Silver Spring, MD, that prevents home flooding, please contact East Coast Landscape Design. We use erosion control applications to Maryland state specifications. Our landscape design experts will outline how to protect your home and create a landscape that creates lasting beauty and value.

Landscape Design in Silver Spring, MD Problem-Free Native Shrubs

As simple as it sounds, the most effective landscape design for your Silver Spring, MD is one that puts the right plants in the best place for them. This prevents disease and plant loss. An additional way to prevent plant loss is to use problem-free native shrubs.

What do we mean by problem-free? Well, these native shrubs are relatively insect and disease free. Put them in the right place in the landscape design, and your Silver Spring, MD yard will look great.

Here are some problem-free native shrubs to consider for your landscape design in Silver Spring, MD

Cephalanthus occidentalis (buttonbush) is a large shrub that produces white flowers in globular heads in June, July, and August. It does best in moist soil and does not tolerate drought.

Clethra alnifolia (sweet pepperbush) grows very slowly, and has very fragrant white flowers that open in July. It is tolerant of wet soils.

Fothergilla gardenii (dwarf fothergilla) is a medium, slow-growing multi-stemmed shrub species. It has beautiful flowers (April) and very showy fall foliage, and best in full sun. Dwarf fothergilla requires a moist, well-drained acid soil and does not tolerate drought.

Hydrangea arborescens (smooth hydrangea) is a medium native shrub that produces pretty white flowers in July. It prefers partial shade, but can be grown in full sun with supplemental water.

Rhus typhina (staghorn sumac) is a large shrub or small tree that is known for being “hard to kill” and has very showy fall foliage color. Female plants have persistent, showy, red fruit stalks. Staghorn sumac tolerates dry soil, but does not do well in poorly drained areas.

Viburnum dentatum (arrowwood viburnum) is a multi-stemmed, dense, large shrub. It is adapted to a variety of soils and can be grown in sun or partial shade. It’s know for durability and white flowers.

For more information on landscape design in Silver Spring, MD, that prevents home flooding, please contact East Coast Landscape Design. We use erosion control applications to Maryland state specifications. Our landscape design experts will outline how to protect your home and create a landscape that creates lasting beauty and value.

Water Features in Silver Spring MD: Outdoor Fountains

Homeowners are adding water features to their landscaping in Silver Spring MD, and the most popular water features are fountains.

And there’s a few good reasons why: fountains are soothing, block out noise from neighbors and traffic, and add an interesting element to your yard. They also come in all shapes and sizes, and you are only limited in your selection by your available space and budget.

Here are some outdoor fountains for you to consider:

Wall Fountains
Wall fountains come in a number of natural materials, including copper, slate, and bronze. They can be created with one or more panels, and can be scaled to the size of the space available. When using blocks or bricks, these are called sheet fountains.

Freestanding or Floor Fountains
Floor or freestanding fountains come in a variety of materials, such as stone and glass, are self contained, and require no installation.

Pond Fountains
Fountain jets stand in a pond or water feature and spray streams of water in a variety of patterns and strengths, from bubbles to sprays.

Rock Fountains
The smallest rock fountain (aka rock bubbler) is a boulder with a hole or holes drilled into it, creating a bubbling fountain. This natural looking fountain appeals to many homeowners.

On a larger scale of the rock bubbler, there rock column fountains; these are usually installed in sets of 3 nearby to each other. The water circulates amongst the 3 fountains, and they require a lot more space, planning, and budget to execute.

For more information on fountains and other water features for your Silver Spring MD home, please contact the experts at East Coast Landscape Design. The East Coast Landscape Design team utilizes 3 decades of experience along with safety- tested protocols to create create water features in various types of landscapes in Silver Spring Md, and all throughout suburban Maryland.

Landscaping Design to Preserve Water Pipes in SIlver Spring MD

Proper landscaping design can preserve the water pipes to and from your home in Silver Spring MD.

Tree roots are naturally attracted to water and sewer lines; these pipes are a source of water, nutrients, and oxygen that the trees need. When a root finds a leak in a pipe, it will quickly make its way into the smallest crack, making the crack bigger, and the root will be growing bigger as it goes deeper into the pipe. Eventually, the roots will stop up the pipe, and stop the flow of waste coming from your home.

Ever see those yards around town, with the front yards dug up from the house to the street? You can guess what happened – tree roots broke into and clogged up the pipes. The pipes broke, and thousands of dollars later, the homeowner has root-free pipes.

So what can been done to reduce the likelihood that tree roots will cause that kind of damage to your pipes? The right landscaping design, using slow-growing trees with less aggressive root systems, placed the proper distance away from the pipes at your Silver Spring MD home.

Trees to Avoid If You Want to Protect Your Water Pipes
Certain trees should never be planted near water lines, as they are often fast-growing with particularly aggressive roots.

  • Many species in the Acer (maple) genus
  • Populus species
  • Ashes
  • Sycamore
  • Several oaks
  • Willows, basswood
  • Tuliptree
  • Elms
  • Birches
  • Mulberry
  • Figs
  • Large eucalyptus
  • Beech

Root Barriers
In addition, some homeowners choose to create root barriers around their pipes to slow down or prevent roots from getting too close to pipes. Slow-release chemicals, such as copper sulfate and potassium hydroxide, spread near the sewer line will discourage growth into the area. Metal or wood barriers buried 6 to 12 inches deeper than the pipe and running vertically next to sewer lines can also stop roots from getting at the pipes.

For more information on landscaping in Silver Spring MD, please contact East Coast Landscape Design. For over 30 years, East Coast Landscape Design has been Silver Spring, MD’s leading licensed landscape contractor. Located in Montgomery County, Maryland since 1979, the company has designed, installed, and cared for landscape projects and irrigation systems.


Recommended by Landscapers in Silver Spring MD: Groundcovers for Dry Shady Areas

Your landscapers in SIlver Spring MD, East Coast Landscape Design, have some recommendations for groundcovers for those dry shady areas of your yard.

  • Snow on the Mountain or Bishop’s Weed: mall white flowers appear late May-June above the low variegated foliage. Variegated Aegopodium spreads rapidly through the summer under high limbed trees, in the rock garden, and in a range of difficult areas.

  • Barrenwort: semi-evergreen heart-shaped leaves that are tinged red-bronze on the edges. It is the best groundcover for dry shade needing a good loamy soil. Great for planting among trees in a woodland setting.

  • ‘Sulphureum’ Barrenwort:  lots of small deep yellow star-shaped flowers in April;  heart-shaped leaves on wiry stems are bronze when young, then mature to green. Massed in the foreground of a shady bed or as edging, this drought tolerant perennial can’t be beat.

  • ‘Monroe White’ Lilyturf Liriope grows best in acid soil in partial to full shade, which protects it from sun damage in both summer and winter. It is both heat tolerant and resistant to pests and diseases, handles dry shade, and is evergreen in quality.

Requirements for establishing and keeping the groundcovers we’ve listed above healthy:

  • Plant your groundcovers in the appropriate soil.

  • Leave room for growth when placing groundcovers

  • Divide plants and move to another location when they are near to over-growing their space.

  • Keep planting areas at an even level, or else plants in the lower-lying areas will get too much moisture.

  • Ensure good drainage, since the shade-loving ground covers we’ve listed above either really love dry soil, or are drought tolerant.

    Want to learn more about making the most of dry shady areas of your yard from expert landscapers in Silver Spring, MD? Please contact the award-winning landscapers serving Silver Spring MD, East Coast Landscape Design.

Dark Colors Trending in Landscape Design for Silver Spring MD Homes

Dark colors are trending because they bring drama and eye-catching contrast to landscape design in Silver Spring MD.

Painting or staining fences, decks, pergolas, gazebos, lattice screens or home walls dark, neutral colors has an amazing effect on your landscape design. The dark colors

absorb the light, allowing plants in the foreground to reflect and radiate light. Plus, dark colors make anything brightly colored – flowers, plants, bushes, or furniture – “pop” against the darker colors.

If your yard seems like a “sea of green,” darker colors will also enable the eye to better see the differences in the green hues of plants and shrubs. Plumes that might otherwise be missed, along with the textures of leaves, will stand out in sharp contrast to the flat, dark colors.

Those dark colors sound a little scary to you? Dip your toes into this trend by adding black, charcoal gray, or dark brown window or balcony boxes. Add colorful plants to those boxes, and you’ll see the gorgeous contrast we’ve been talking about.

For more information on the latest trends in landscape design for your Silver Spring MD home, please contact East Coast Landscape Design. For over 30 years, East Coast Landscape Design has designed and installed landscapes in Silver Spring MD that enhance our clients’ lifestyles and the beauty of their homes.