Landscape Contractor Silver Spring MD: Top 5 New Year’s Landscaping Resolutions

Most New Year’s resolutions involve improving one’s appearance – but how about the appearance of your home? According to landscape contractor, East Coast Landscape Design, here are the Top 5 best resolutions that Silver Spring MD homeowners should keep, if they want to improve the appearance of their homes. (Click here to set up an estimate.)

  1. I will add interest to my home’s landscape, through intentional design.
  2. I will give attention to both landscaping and hardscaping (driveways, patios, arbors, decks, etc.)
  3. I will add a water feature, such as a fountain, water garden, or pond.
  4. I will have any needed tree limb removal work completed before big summer storms hit.
  5. I will conserve water, and save money and my landscaping through proper irrigation.

All of these resolutions are attainable with the help of your landscape contractor in Silver Spring MD, East Coast Landscape Design. A good way to get started is to contact East Coast Landscape Design for an estimate on your landscape design. The experts at East Coast Landscape Design will work with you to ensure that your new landscaping and hardscaping adds beauty, function, and value to your home.

Landscaping Companies in North Potomac Maryland: The Best Conduct Wintertime Landscape Assessments

The best landscaping companies in North Potomac Maryland conduct wintertime landscape assessments. Click here to schedule your wintertime landscape assessment.

After much of your landscaping has died off in the winter – or is hibernating – the bones of the landscaping and hardscaping are easier to see. A thorough wintertime landscaping assessment can show homeowners:

  • Where there are spaces to fill in your wintertime landscaping – such as more evergreens needs to provide privacy or shield the home from wind, etc.
  • How your hardscaping (arbors, trellises, decks, patios, walkways, and driveways) is faring through the winter, and what changes should be made in the spring.
  • What tree damage needs to be taken care now, or what can wait until later.
  • Where new landscaping should be planted, or old landscaping should be moved in the spring.

For more information about a wintertime landscape assessment, please contact East Coast Landscape Design. East Coast Landscape Design is head and shoulders above other landscaping companies in North Potomac, Maryland. For over 30 years, East Coast Landscape Design has designed and installed beautiful landscape and hardscape projects around North Potomac MD and surrounding communities.