The Effects of Frozen Irrigation Systems in Gaithersburg MD

In our area, pipes can freeze during the winter, and that includes irrigations systems in Gaithersburg MD. Homeowners who fail to have their irrigation systems winterized can expect the following effects of frozen irrigation systems in Gaithersburg MD:

  • Cracked or burst pipes: if any water is left in your irrigation system, it will freeze and cause cracked or burst pipes. Replacing cracked or burst pipes is the most costly of all irrigation system repairs.
  • Broken or missing sprinkler parts: if any water is left in a sprinkler, the head can pop off or break and the supply tube and sprinkler body can crack as well. Any missing or broken parts will need to be replaced before you turn on your irrigation system in the spring.
  • Broken manifolds: as the heart of your sprinkler system, the manifold is the main pipe that has several valves to control the flow of water. If water freezes in the manifold, the pipe and valves can crack. Replacing the manifold – or parts of the manifold – takes a lot of time and labor.

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Landscaping in Silver Spring MD: Evergreen Care in Winter

In winter weather, evergreens need special landscaping care in Silver Spring MD. You may think that summer time is the only time that you really need to think about watering. But winter can also cause desiccation of your evergreens.

Even though the temps are cold, evergreen plants continue to lose water by transpiration. They lose the most water during periods of strong winds and on bright, sunny days. Just like people can still get sunburned in the winter, the brighter the sun, the higher the rate of water loss in your evergreen leaves. When water leaves the plant foliage faster than the roots can replace the moisture, desiccation occurs. Roots have rough time absorbing water when the soil is cold or frozen.

Here’s how you can protect your evergreens during winter:

  • Add a 3-inch layer of mulch around evergreens to reduce water loss and help maintain uniform soil moisture and temperatures around roots.
  • Water plants several hours before a freeze can provide some protection. Well-watered soil will absorb more heat than dry soil, and will re-radiate the heat during the night.
  • Cover plants with burlap, sheets, plastic, or blankets. Don’t let the covering tough the plants, and be sure the covering goes all the way to the ground.
  • Place a light bulb placed under the cover for additional heat; however, remove the covering during the day, or too much heat will build up, and new foliage could emerge. (To prevent fire, clear all dry brush and needles away first.)

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