Recommended by Landscapers in Silver Spring MD: Groundcovers for Dry Shady Areas

Your landscapers in SIlver Spring MD, East Coast Landscape Design, have some recommendations for groundcovers for those dry shady areas of your yard.

  • Snow on the Mountain or Bishop’s Weed: mall white flowers appear late May-June above the low variegated foliage. Variegated Aegopodium spreads rapidly through the summer under high limbed trees, in the rock garden, and in a range of difficult areas.

  • Barrenwort: semi-evergreen heart-shaped leaves that are tinged red-bronze on the edges. It is the best groundcover for dry shade needing a good loamy soil. Great for planting among trees in a woodland setting.

  • ‘Sulphureum’ Barrenwort:  lots of small deep yellow star-shaped flowers in April;  heart-shaped leaves on wiry stems are bronze when young, then mature to green. Massed in the foreground of a shady bed or as edging, this drought tolerant perennial can’t be beat.

  • ‘Monroe White’ Lilyturf Liriope grows best in acid soil in partial to full shade, which protects it from sun damage in both summer and winter. It is both heat tolerant and resistant to pests and diseases, handles dry shade, and is evergreen in quality.

Requirements for establishing and keeping the groundcovers we’ve listed above healthy:

  • Plant your groundcovers in the appropriate soil.

  • Leave room for growth when placing groundcovers

  • Divide plants and move to another location when they are near to over-growing their space.

  • Keep planting areas at an even level, or else plants in the lower-lying areas will get too much moisture.

  • Ensure good drainage, since the shade-loving ground covers we’ve listed above either really love dry soil, or are drought tolerant.

    Want to learn more about making the most of dry shady areas of your yard from expert landscapers in Silver Spring, MD? Please contact the award-winning landscapers serving Silver Spring MD, East Coast Landscape Design.

How Important is Mulch to Your Landscaping in Bethesda MD?

Mulch is much more that just something that’s used on your yard for “looks.” Putting down the right mulch is important to the overall health of your landscaping.

Here are 5 ways mulch is beneficial to your landscaping in Bethesda MD:Mulch slows weed growth.

  1. Mulch slows water evaporation, reducing water loss from the soil.
  2. Mulch protects plant roots from temperature extremes and sudden temperature fluctuations.
  3. Organic types of mulch improve the soil quality as they decompose.
  4. Mulch ads color and texture to your landscape design.

So which mulch is the right mulch for your landscaping?
The answer depends on the needs of your landscaping, and can change based on those needs. For instance, what you mulch you use in one area of your yard, may not be the best choice for other areas of your yard.

For instance, areas in your landscaping that need soil improvement could do with an aged (partially decomposed) organic mulch. If you don’t need soil improvement, and just want to control weeds, then a fresh organic mulch will do.

Rocks, stones or gravel mulch can shore up low-lying areas in your landscaping that can get washed out during hard rain. Landscapers will also use stones or gravel to create French drains to help prevent flooding in your yard. (Note: rocks, stones, or gravel can get and keep heat easily, so don’t use them around tender plants or those with shallow roots.)

For more information about the most appropriate mulches for your landscaping in Bethesda MD, please contact East Coast Landscape Design. East Coast Landscape Design is head and shoulders above other landscaping companies in Bethesda MD. For over 30 years, East Coast Landscape Design has designed and installed beautiful landscape and hardscape projects around Bethesda MD and surrounding communities.