Hedges Add Privacy and Beauty to Landscape Design in Bethesda MD

While fences can provide instant privacy to your yard, hedges add privacy and beauty to your landscape design in Bethesda MD. Here are some types of easy growing shrubs that work well in hedges for our gardening zones (6B, 7A).

  • Boxwood (Buxus sempervirens)
  • Columnar juniper (Juniperus scopulorum’Skyrocket’)
  • Columnar white pine (Pinus strobus’Fastigiata’)
  • English laurel (Prunus laurocerasus)
  • Privet (Ligustrum vulgare)
  • Yew (Taxus x media)

For additional height, plant your hedge shrubs on berms (small hills or mounds). If you already have a fence, a hedge of shrubs can soften the look of the fence and give additional depth to your landscaping. To keep your shrubs looking their best, time their pruning (which is different depending on which shrub you choose) and make sure the bottom of the shrub is wider than the top.

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Landscaping in Bethesda MD: Frost Cracks in Trees

During and after a long harsh winter – extreme temps, ice, and snow – you may see what’s known as “frost cracks” in the trees in the landscaping at your Bethesda MD home.

Frost cracks happen when water in the cells of the tree trunk freezes and moves out of the cells, causing the wood to shrink. Tension forms between the frozen and unfrozen layers of wood, which causes the wood to separate, causing a crack. The crack can form suddenly – you may even hear a loud cracking sound. When temperatures warm, the wood absorbs moisture and the crack closes. Frost cracks can reopen and enlarge in subsequent winters and may extend to the center of the tree. Damage is most often seen on the south and west sides of the tree, where the sun is strongest.

The following species are more likely to develop frost cracks: apple, beech, crabapple, elm, goldenrain tree, horse chestnut, linden, London plane, maple, oak, walnut, and willow.

Frost cracks may be somewhat avoided with proper pruning of your landscaping in Bethesda MD. Some tree trunks can be wrapped for the winter, which will need to be removed when the weather warms up. A tree can also be protected by planting evergreen shrubs around the trunk. Shrubs can insulate the trunk from extremes in temperatures and shield it from direct afternoon sunlight.

Frost cracks can’t be fixed; however, they should be kept clean to prevent infection, and be left open. A healthy tree will try to heal itself, and may form a callus along the crack.

Once a crack occurs, another crack will probably form in the same area of the tree. You can help prevent a reoccurrence by wrapping the trunk of the tree in tree wrap for the winter. (You’ll want to remove the wrap as soon as temperatures warm in late winter or spring. Leaving the wrap on too long provides a secure hiding place for insects and disease organisms.)

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