Is A Dry Well the Same as A French Drain for My Kensington, MD Landscape?

Are you unsure whether to regulate the drainage system of your Kensington, MD landscaping with a dry well or a French drain? That means you may have the question,” Is A Dry Well the Same as A French Drain for My Kensington, MD Landscape?” in your mind. As a leading landscaping and drainage contractor in the area, we would be delighted to help you understand the difference between dry wells and French drains.   Let us begin by responding to your inquiry.

Is A Dry Well the Same as A French Drain for My Kensington, MD Landscape?

We’d want to provide you with a thorough explanation of each system before responding to your query so that you can make an informed decision regarding your drainage system.

Dry Well – What is It?

A permeable underground “well” that helps disperse sump box discharge lines, surface runoff, and roof water, is known as a dry well. While digging dry wells, always ensure that they allow water to percolate back to earth and are always located at a secure distance from your home. A typical dry well is a 4 x 3 foot trench filled with clear gravel and covered with a filter cloth. Remember that gravity is a crucial factor in successful dry well installations. They are helpful because of their simplicity and reliability. They’re also beneficial in preventing your sump pump discharge pipes from freezing in the winter.

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What Is a French Drain?

French drains are simple trenches dug into the earth to redirect water away from a property’s most troublesome locations. On top of the pipe, which has been covered in water-permeable fabric before being put in the trench, one layer of stone or gravel is deposited. Rainwater is drawn into the hollow pipe by gravity, where it may freely flow to a rain barrel or any other convenient area for water drainage.

Why Should You Hire East Coast Landscape Design, Inc.?

Many consumers have endorsed our drainage solutions in the areas we serve, as our services are effective, reliable, and long-lasting. This is because we only utilize high-quality materials from reputable suppliers to ensure the long-term durability and effectiveness of our drainage systems. We also adhere to local regulations and industry-accepted standards to guarantee that your drainage system is structurally sound. Furthermore, to complete your duties on time, we employ contemporary tools and heavy machineries such as trenchers and excavators. Consequently, we promise that you will no longer be concerned about surface water runoff or floods with our professionally designed and installed drainage systems.

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Contact East Coast Landscape Design, Inc. if you need a qualified drainage contractor to maintain your landscaping area free of water floods. Filling out the contact form on our website is the most convenient way to reach us. Once you’ve completed this step, one of the members from our team will contact you at the earliest and help you with your landscaping project.