Outdoor lighting in Silver Spring MD: LED VS Halogen

Which is better for outdoor lighting in Silver Spring MD – LED or Halogen?

When done well, both high quality low voltage LED and Halogen lights produce fabulous results in outdoor lighting for homes in Silver Spring MD.

LED lights have some distinct advantages over Halogen for outdoor lighting in Silver Spring MD. LED lights are more energy efficient and last years longer than Halogen lights. For instance, if you are placing a bulb in a hard to reach area, you want to use an LED bulb, so you don’t have to replace it as often.

The initial cost of Halogen bulbs is much less than LEDs. An LED bulb can cost 5-6 times more than a Halogen bulb, and that will be a significant difference in the initial cost of your outdoor lighting in Silver Spring MD. However, unless you have purchased fixtures that are made to take the heat given off from Halogen bulbs, there can be cracking and discoloration of the fixtures.

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For more information on outdoor lighting in Silver Spring MD, call the experts at East Coast Landscape Design. East Coast Landscape Design will provide everything to complete your outdoor lighting project, from engineering design to wire and fixtures. We only use the highest quality lighting manufacturers that use brass, copper, stainless steel and aircraft-quality aluminum designed to last a lifetime. Let one of our East Coast Landscape Design specialists show you how a well-designed outdoor lighting system can add to the beauty and safety of your Silver Spring MD home.