How to Get the Perfect Patio for Your Kensington, MD Home

You’ve seen some of those magnificent patio areas on television or the Web– and East Coast Landscape Design can develop the Kensington, MD patio area of your dreams.

Rest ensured that the knowledgeable experts at East Coast Landscape Design can create and develop your Kensington, MD dream outdoor patio.  Here’s how:

  • Our professionals will work with you to determine how you want to use your patio – now and in the future.
  • We will help you choose products for your Kensington, MD outdoor patio that compliment your house.
  • The expert craftsmen at East Coast Landscape Design utilize a large range of products consisting of stone, brick pavers, interlocking bricks, and stamped concrete.
  • Our design engineers know how to carve out a patio using seating wall, where others might not know how.

For more information on the perfect patio for your Kensington, MD home, please contact the experts at East Coast Landscape Design. The professionals at East Coast Landscape Design will work with you to design a gorgeous patio that you and your family will love for many years to come.

Brick Patio Design Options for Gaithersburg MD

If you are considering a brick patio, you should know that there are more than a few options for your Gaithersburg MD home. For instance:

  • Basket Weave Pattern – also known as checkerboard pavers – this pattern is laid in the form of a checkerboard.
  • Herringbone Pattern – each course of paving bricks are laid at an angle of 45 or 90-degrees, and the angle rotates with each sequence.
  • Circle Design – a very popular, but difficult patio design to install.
  • Stack Bond – bricks placed on top of each other in a straight line – they can also be placed at a 45 degree angle.
  • 1/3 Running Bond – each subsequently each row of pavers overlaps its predecessor by one-third its length, creating a slightly staggered look.
  • Half Running Bond (also known as Running Bond) – each row of pavers overlaps the last row by half its length (or width).

For more information on brick patio design options for Gaithersburg MD, please contact the experts at East Coast Landscape Design. The experienced professionals at East Coast Landscape Design will work with you to design the brick patio that best compliments the style of your Gaithersburg MD home.

Using Your North Potomac MD Patio During the Winter

When you think of the patio at your North Potomac Maryland home, you probably never consider the potential for storage space it holds. Often homeowners across the Potomac MD area consider a patio as a flat surface used for sitting or entertaining but that underutilize the patio’s capabilities.

The temperature may be colder than you’d like, but the wind is actually the problem in this situation. The elimination of wind is key to making your winter patio visits as pleasant as possible. Install shades or blinds around your patio to block the winds from entering your Potomac MD patio. A natural material such as wood or bamboo blocks the wind and works with the exterior of your home in a complementary way.

Consider what you and your guests will be seated on when choosing chairs. Materials like metal or plastic fare well in the elements of winter, but they lack basic comfort. Choose patio furniture with a padded, waterproof seat for extra softness and warmth. The material will absorb and retain your body heat giving you warmth.

Be sure your patio is well-lit in the winter months to avoid slip-and-fall accidents in the snow or on the ice. Rather than hanging a single light above the patio, consider installing smaller lights throughout the area to create warmth in the environment.

Find a heat source for your winter patio. Whether you invest in a small wood-burning stove to place in the center of your patio, or would rather invest in a permanent heat source, you do not have to be cold when you enjoy the outdoors. Some Maryland homeowners opt for a masonry built fireplace to add a permanent elegance to the patio.

For more information on how you can design your patio for winter use in Potomac MD contact the professional patio contractors at East Coast Landscape Design.

Tips for Making Your Kensington, MD Patio Perfect

You’ve seen some of those fabulous patios on TV or the Web – and East Coast Landscape Design can create the Kensington, MD patio of your dreams. Here are some tips to add those finishing touches that make your patio perfect for you and your family.

Make your patio an extension of your home.

  • Make your outdoor seating comfortable and stylish.
  • Coordinate your outdoor colors – furniture cushions and accessories with plants and flowers.
  • Add lighting – like interesting lanterns – to your patio
  • Add a fire-pit or chiminea together around on those chilly nights.
  • Add ways to cool off –  add a pergola with vines, plant a tree or add a simple canopy for shade

Create privacy by incorporating several view-blocking techniques.

  • Plant hedges and using fences or walls to create your private sanctuary
  • Create a curved pathway to your “hidden” patio.
  • A virtual wall of planters at the back of the patio creates a soothing hedge.
  • A stucco wall around the patio makes it feel even more enclosed and intimate.
  • Add bamboo panels for an inexpensive way to create privacy.

Create a view with a beautiful focal point, and make your patio a destination.

  • A well-designed formal garden creates a perfect backdrop for luxury seating.
  • A fountain creates pleasant and soothing background sounds.
  • Surround the patio with fragrant flowers, such as roses, for even more sensory appeal.
  • A flowering small tree, such as a dogwood, that adds shade and extra interest.

Rest assured that the experienced professionals at East Coast Landscape Design can design and build your Kensington, MD dream patio. East Coast Landscape Design uses a wide variety of materials including stone, brick pavers, interlocking bricks, and stamped concrete. These experts will work with you to select materials for your Kensington, MD patio that compliment your home, providing seamless function and style. Please contact East Coast Landscape Design today at 301-421-4141.