Why You May Need a Shishi Odoshi in Your Chevy Chase MD Landscaping

You may be tired of throwing stones and sticks at the animals that could be invading your garden. You may not see putting up a fence as an option. You could know exactly how you want your landscaping to look, and the fence may spoil the aesthetics.
In your search for a solution, you perhaps stumbled across the Japanese Shishi Odoshi. It may sound interesting, and you might be looking for more information. If this in any way describes you, you are in the right place.

Read on for more information on why you may need a Shishi Odoshi in your Chevy Chase MD landscaping.

Why Do You Need a Shishi Odoshi in Your Chevy Chase MD Landscaping?
A Shishi Odoshi is a Japanese invention that is now a standard feature in many gardens worldwide. What makes it interesting is its background and the reason for existence. Japanese farmers were looking for a way to keep the deer out of their fields. Instead of using scarecrows, they opted for this nifty little device.
However, its use has now evolved beyond scaring deer. Landscapers use it as a decorative item in gardens. It brings in a touch of Asian culture and tradition that is sure to spark conversation.
Those who like to meditate often find the rhythmic movement and sound hypnotic. It induces utmost relaxation and is an excellent way to deal with stress.

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How Does a Shishi Odoshi Work?

The design elements are mind-boggling in their simplicity.

  • You need a bamboo tube with one closed end. Rest this on a piece of stone or rock
  • Mount the tube on a frame. Here is where your physics lessons come into play. The tube should be able to pivot from side to side. The open-end must remain in an upward position
  • Water from the fountain or source goes into the tube and fills it.
  • Gravity forces the tube to tilt and dump the contents
  • When empty, it goes back to the resting position. The force of the return makes the closed-end hit the rock on which it rests. This is where the thudding sound originates.

The process loops over and over again. You can control the intervals by adjusting the floor of the water. The faster the water goes into the tube, the shorter the intervals.

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Maryland Landscapers is the Company to Call for Your Shishi Odoshi

Take your landscaping up a notch by installing a Shishi Odoshi. Maryland Landscapers has been in the outdoor beautification space for over 40 years. The device is quite popular amongst our clients. You shall enjoy having one in your garden.
You also have the option of indoor ones if you do not have garden space. If you have more questions, we would be happy to answer them. We are also ready for a consultation at your convenience if you have made up your mind to get the great device.
Please start the process of owning one by filling in the form on our website.