Water Feature Gaithersburg MD

A water feature on a Gaithersburg, MD property can add depth and dimension, if it is skillfully designed and installed. Whether it is a bird bath or a colorful koi pond, East Coast Landscape Design can turn their customers’ visions into reality. Their thirty years of experience makes East Coast Landscape Design will qualified, and they also know that their clients have plenty of concerns about their properties. To give their customers added assurance, they have created this list of frequently asked questions.

  1. Why should a water feature in Gaithersburg, MD be installed by professionals?

There are several reasons why the project should be completed by an experienced landscaping company. Heavy equipment might be needed if the feature is a pond. If pumps are needed, this often requires skilled electrical work that is best left up to the experts. Not only is it easier to let East Coast Landscape Design plan and install the water feature, it is also safer for property owners. They will stay in contact with their clients from the start of the project until it is finished to ensure that it meets and even exceeds customers’ expectations.

  1. What type of water features are commonly installed?
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A water feature on a Gaithersburg, MD property can be anything from a tiered fountain or ornate bird bath to a pond with a stunning waterfall. With their 25 plus years of experience, East Coast Landscape Design has the knowledge and skill needed to bring their clients’ dreams for their properties to life. They can even turn a dry creek bed into a water feature that benefits the environment.

  1. Should the landscaping company be licensed and insured?

When a water feature is being added to a property, it is important to ensure that the work crew is licensed and insured. Accidents can happen, and the property owner could be held liable for any damages that occur. Some residential areas also require that a landscaping company be licensed, especially for larger projects. This won’t be a problem with East Coast Landscape Design.

  1. Can a water feature on a Gaithersburg, MD property be incorporated into the existing landscaping?
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If the water feature is being designed and installed by East Coast Landscape Design, property owners can rest assured that it will fit seamlessly into any existing landscaping. They will carefully evaluate the property taking into account its size, along with the placement of the water feature. East Coast Landscape Design knows that if the feature is too large it can be overwhelming, while a small one can get lost. It is this attention to every detail in the water feature design, that has made them one of their premier landscaping companies in the area.