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5 Unexpected Ways a Landscape Contractor Adds Value to Your Home

There’s more to making your yard look nice than plunking a tree down in an underused corner of your lot. It takes training to analyze your site and come up with practical ideas to make the most of it. That’s why savvy homeowners in Chevy Chase, MD, hire a landscape contractor to realize the potential in their outdoor living space.

Here is a look at six ways a landscape professional can add value to your investment for the long term, while making your yard more accessible and attractive right now.

Use Every Bit of Your Yard

Rocky terrain, slopes and drainage issues are problems well known to homeowners in Chevy Chase, MD. A landscape contractor has the training and tools to fix drainage problems and incorporate uneven surfaces into a comprehensive design for your property.

A professional landscaper knows how to analyze the terrain in your yard and put it in the context of the larger ecosystem you are living in. With his experience, he can suggest retaining walls for erosion control and install drainage solutions that get rid of standing water in your yard. He is trained in best practices for handling runoff. His solutions are budget friendly and environmentally sound.

He knows when to level a rocky slope and when to suggest adding appropriate plants to add color and appeal to the spot. Or he might suggest evening out a stretch of rough terrain to produce a quiet herb garden getaway. You can make a play area for your children by adding lawn to an area that used to be a big mud hole.

A landscape contractor familiar with conditions in Chevy Chase, MD, can give you access to your entire yard. A rocky, muddy lot can be turned into zones for entertaining, relaxing, playing and gardening.

Make It Pretty

Making it pretty might not sound like an unexpected plus of hiring a landscape contractor. But he can make it appealing in unexpected ways. He can suggest a unique mix of herbs, perennials and annuals to turn a part of your yard into an English garden. Do you love roses? He can transform a humdrum front yard into a formal rose garden with blooms for much of the year.

Your yard can be an oasis of green and a riot of color in the spring, summer and fall, and more muted colors in winter. A landscape contractor in Chevy Chase, MD, can put together a four-season plan that keeps your property attractive all year long.

A skilled landscaper takes into consideration your budget and your lifestyle. He knows that factoring in how much time you want to spend in your yard is the core component of yard care. He can suggest plants and a design that fits your interest in all things garden-related.

Using trees, shrubs and perennials, a landscape contractor in Chevy Chase, MD, can give you a yard that is both attention-grabbing and low maintenance. He has the experience and the schooling to know which plants work in local soils. He can combine plants to create a custom, pulled-together look for your yard, one that complements your exterior architecture.

Save Money on Energy

The right planting scheme can actually lower your heating and air conditioning bills. The appropriate tree planted in the right location can shade your windows while still giving you a view. According to the American Public Power Association, shade trees can reduce the need for air conditioning by over 50%.

According to the Department of Energy, property that is properly landscaped can save you save both energy and water. A landscape contractor in Chevy Chase, MD, knows that since this is a temperate region, his goal with his design is to:

  • Make the most of the warming effects of the sun during the winter
  • Leverage shade during the summer months
  • Divert the effects of winter winds from the home with the use of trees and shrubs acting as windbreaks
  • Guide breezes in summer in the direction of the house

In addition to being in the temperate zone, your home also has its own microclimate. A skilled contractor can use landscaping methods that make the most of your specific terrain to enhance energy efficiency. That’s because your home might receive more sun, rain, snow or dryness than the average for the area. It takes an experienced professional to make the most of your specific microclimate.

The right planting scheme also reduces noise levels from cars and neighbors. In fact, it replaces them with the pleasing sounds of singing birds and leaves that rustle in the breeze.

Get a Higher Price When You Sell

Numerous studies show that even a small investment in professional landscaping can add substantially to the value of our home when you sell. According to the Washington Post, estimates range from 5% and 20% to 100% and up.

Working with a landscape contractor in Chevy Chase, MD, can make your home more attractive to buyers in three ways:

  • Give it curb appeal. If a home looks nice on the outside, you will get far more prospects willing to tour the inside.
  • Appeal to people who want a low-maintenance yard. Many families have both spouses working, leaving little time for gardening and mowing. If your yard is professionally planned for easy upkeep, you will attract these people.
  • Make your home feel larger. A professionally landscaped yard is easily accessible for outdoor living. This gives your home a more spacious feel, which adds to its drawing power for homebuyers.

A landscape contractor in Chevy Chase, MD, can create a plan that enhances the outside décor of your home. People first judge a home by how it looks on the outside. The right selection of trees, shrubs and flowers will draw the eye of buyers, getting them to stop and check out more about your home.

Make a Proper Setting for Entertaining

Your yard is actually your outdoor living area. A landscape contractor in Chevy Chase, MD, can help you maximize this space with the right plantings. He also knows how to make vegetation act as the proper backdrop for hardscapes like patios, decks, walkways and garden structures like gazebos.

A well placed patio or deck can give an entirely new look and feel to your yard. A walkway around its perimeter gives guests a place to move around and enjoy home access to every part of the garden.

A landscape contractor in Chevy Chase, MD, has the skill to know which types of plants and hardscapes can ensure your privacy. This makes entertaining or just eating outside more pleasant for guests and for family members. A contractor knows where to place outdoor lights for the best effect so you can use your yard in the evenings. It also keeps your property more secure.

Trust the Professionals

The experts here at East Coast Landscape Design have been helping homeowners make the best use of their yards since 1979. We use the most advanced methods to make our work environmentally friendly and beautiful.

Whether you want to work every day in your yard or you just want to admire it from afar, we can put together the best design for your property. Whatever your budget and lifestyle, our trained team of professionals will works with each you one-on-one. We listen to what you need in a yard, how you will use it and what level of maintenance you want. And then we create a comprehensive plan that makes it happen.

We have on staff experts in a range of services, including:

  • Landscapers
  • Stonemasons
  • Senior geotechnical engineer

We take great pride in producing the most effective, practical landscape for the needs of you and your family. Our philosophy is to make the best possible use of the existing terrain, to enhance it and to use natural materials when possible. The outdoor spaces we create are both functional and beautiful.

Whether you want an entertainment space, a yard for relaxing, a rose garden, a kitchen garden, or just a pleasant area that works for your family, we can help. We are the go-to experts for your home’s outdoors areas.

We have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and have received awards from Angie’s List. All of our work is licensed, insured and guaranteed.

We provide a full range of services for your outdoor living, including:

  • Landscaping design
  • Landscaping work of all types
  • Water features
  • Outdoor kitchens
  • Patios
  • Firepits and fireplaces
  • Drainage and erosion control
  • Walkways
  • Outdoor lighting

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Maryland landscaping customer

The retaining wall and paver patio was tastefully blended into the back of our house and the contours and seams were impeccable.... The field stone terrace garden plots were truly a work of art and science... Thanks again for such a beautiful job.

- Dr. E. Bothwell
Olney MD

Maryland landscaping customer

One year after you finished our landscaping, I must say that we are overwhelmed at how fabulous you have made our home look.

- N. Bobys
Rockville, MD

Maryland landscaping customer

We are thrilled with our new stream and pond. We waited a long time, did a lot of research and talked to many landscapers about this work. Although we were expecting your work to be good, it turned out better than our expectations. Your attitude, as well as your crew's, was professional and upbeat...

- K. Ryan and M. Koslow
Washington DC

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