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Gaithersburg MD Drainage & Erosion Control

Add Value and Beauty with Drainage and Erosion Control

Drainage and erosion control measures in Gaithersburg, MD, sound important, but dreary and uninteresting. The folks here at East Coast Landscape Design have turned that notion on its head. In fact, you can add eye appeal and value to your property when you rely on our team of landscapers and stonemasons, skilled at finding beautiful solutions to all types of drainage problems.

Effective drainage and erosion control is a complex process, requiring the analysis and oversight of our experienced senior geotechnical engineer. But it doesn’t have to look utilitarian. Our skilled craftspeople bring an aesthetic approach to solving runoff and soil problems in your yard.

Retaining Walls with Panache

If you are told you need a sheet pile retaining wall, you are probably thinking your yard will end up with an industrial look. Now imagine a wall where form meets function. Stone in a variety of textures and colors is carefully selected and combined to form a strong, durable and beautiful addition to your yard.

The experts on your team know how to blend engineering with natural materials, including varieties of stone, pavers, concrete and wood. Retaining walls designed and built by East Coast Landscape Design become a focal point for your landscaping efforts.

Check out the photos of walls we have installed for residents of Gaithersburg, MD, with drainage and erosion control issues. This short video shows examples of our work and illustrates the choices you have in materials and styles.

Walkways that Define

Walkways do more than define your space. They can be part of an overall drainage and erosion control plan for your property. A properly designed walkway is both functional and attractive. We can help you choose the best materials and design, resulting in a pathway that makes your yard more accessible all year round, while adds beauty and contrast.

Design a walkway that blends seamlessly with your landscape. It can meander through foliage and gardens, or head directly from the house to the garage. Add lighting for nighttime use, handrails and guardrails for security and steps for accessibility.

We use a wide range of natural materials and help you choose the best for your décor, terrain and budget. Select from bricks, pavers, stone and concrete.

The team here at East Coast Landscape is proud of the photos here, showing examples of our work. This short video, just a little over a minute long, gives you an idea of how walkways are constructed and what they can do for your landscape design.

Driveways that Help Drainage

Your driveway, an essential part of your home, is open for everyone to see and used daily. That means is needs to look appealing and stand up to heavy loads over and over again.

Your driveway in Gaithersburg, MD, can add to drainage and erosion miseries, or be part of the solution. In the hands of the experts at East Coast Landscape Design, it becomes a natural part of a comprehensive approach to your terrain issues. We bring more than three decades worth of experience to each driveway we install.

Our senior geotechnical engineer understands drainage and erosion control specifically in the Gaithersburg, MD, area. He directs the staff in setting the grade for your driveway and figuring out the correct slope for water runoff. The soil under and around the driveway is prepared and the load factor of the vehicles you use is included in the installation plans.

When constructed using these criteria, your driveway contributes to an effective overall drainage solution for your property. Then our skilled stonemasons and landscapers get to work, creating an attractive driveway with your choice of interlocking pavers, cobblestone bricks, cobblestone granite or other materials.

Check out our driveway design gallery for ideas when planning your driveway. Watch our short video that shows how a driveway can add to the look and appeal of your home, while helping with runoff and other drainage and erosion issues in Gaithersburg, MD.

Landscaping, Transforming Problems to Amenities

Landscaping is our name. At East Coast Landscape Design, we know the potential of landscape in beautifying your property. It is also a critical element in solving drainage and erosion issues for homeowners. Not just a way to conceal other types of construction, it is an essential factor in actually removing and transforming terrain problems that contribute to erosion.

With more than three decades of experience, we know which plant choices to recommend, design elements to include and where to place each of them for the most effective result. You end up with a yard that looks attractive, is accessible and usable all year long and is capable of withstanding drainage and erosion problems in Gaithersburg, MD.

Check out the landscaping photos to see what your yard can look like, with the help of East Coast Landscape Design. The three short videos on this page give you an insight into how we can transform the look and potential usability of your property.

Water Features, Practical and Serene

Water features installed by East Coast Landscape Design can act as natural-looking help for drainage and erosion problems. For example, did you know that a dry creek bed can be part of a comprehensive solutions?

We have a senior geotechnical engineer on staff who understands the specific issues in Gaithersburg, MD, that affect drainage and erosion control. He works closely with skilled stonemasons and landscapers to devise the best methods for controlling runoff and preventing erosion problems in your yard.

Water features that can have a positive impact include:

  • Ponds
  • Waterfalls
  • Dry creek beds

We install waterfalls both with and without ponds, Koi ponds and fountains. The result is a serene, beautiful spot in your yard that is actually doing double-duty. While helping with erosion and drainage, it is also adding value and beauty to your yard.

You can see the possibilities in our water features gallery. Watch our short video that shows what your yard can look like.

Practical Beauty Created by Experts

Homeowners with drainage and erosion issues in Gaithersburg, MD, have been coming to the experts at East Coast Landscape Design since 1979. They know we take a comprehensive approach, have the experts to carry the job through successfully and pride ourselves on incorporating nature and natural materials into our overall plan.

We have a senior geotechnical engineer on staff. He has first-hand knowledge of the terrain and property challenges regarding drainage and erosion in the Gaithersburg, MD, area. In addition, we have skilled stonemasons and landscapers who understand how materials and methods impact the drainage and erosion issues.

Few erosion control firms take such an all-inclusive approach and have the level of expertise to back it up. We can design and install solutions that are effective, while actually adding beauty and greater functionality to your outdoor areas. We take our motto seriously: “We can help you build your dream yard.”

Full Service for All Your Landscaping Needs

East Coast Landscape Design handles all aspects of making your outdoor living beautiful and practical. Whether you want an English rose garden, a serene waterfall, fountain and pond, or help with out-of-control erosion and drainage issues, we can do the job. Our work complements the look and feel of your home, while adding outdoor usability on a year-round basis. With our help, your yard can become beautiful, accessible and functional.

Look at our before and after photos and our design gallery to see the range of projects we handle. In a short video, Mark Simpson, the president of the company, shows you what we can do for you.

In addition to drainage and erosion control problems in Gaithersburg, MD, we can help with:

  • Patios
  • Outdoor kitchens
  • Firepits and fireplaces
  • Outdoor lighting
  • Retaining walls
  • Driveways
  • Walkways
  • All types of landscaping needs

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Maryland landscaping customer

The retaining wall and paver patio was tastefully blended into the back of our house and the contours and seams were impeccable.... The field stone terrace garden plots were truly a work of art and science... Thanks again for such a beautiful job.

- Dr. E. Bothwell
Olney MD

Maryland landscaping customer

One year after you finished our landscaping, I must say that we are overwhelmed at how fabulous you have made our home look.

- N. Bobys
Rockville, MD

Maryland landscaping customer

We are thrilled with our new stream and pond. We waited a long time, did a lot of research and talked to many landscapers about this work. Although we were expecting your work to be good, it turned out better than our expectations. Your attitude, as well as your crew's, was professional and upbeat...

- K. Ryan and M. Koslow
Washington DC

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