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The French Drain Solution for Soggy Terrain

One of the most effective ways to handle drainage issues is to install a French drain in Chevy Chase, MD. They work well to fix soggy yards or leaky basements. The concept behind them is simple, though installing one properly can be complex.

A French drain in Chevy Chase, MD, operates on the fact that water goes downhill by the easiest pathway possible. Basically a trench with gravel, it guides water away from your home and parts of yard, to disperse harmlessly.

Contrary to popular thought, the drain didn’t originate in France. It was invested by Henry French, a judge in Concord, Massachusetts with farm drainage issues. He wrote a book about it in 1859.

How Does It Work?

The goal of a French drain is to channel water easily away from a home or area. A trench filled with gravel funnels the water, which then travels through a perforated pipe inserted at the bottom of the trench. The way it is constructed, it lets the water move freely. It empties out at a safe distance from the home or from landscaping.

The slope has to be correct in order for the French drain in Chevy Chase, MD, to work effectively. That means about one inch for every eight feet in the line you want the water to pour.

You want the water to run away from your home or another particular spot. But where does it go? Logical places to divert it include:

  • Low spot on your property
  • Drainage ditch
  • Street
  • Dry well

Don’t send it off in the direction of your neighbor’s home, to your garage or other structure or to a delicate part of your landscaping design.

When Is It Effective?

If your yard has standing water long after a rainstorm, if sections of the lawn stay soggy or if part of your driveway or patio has washed out, a French drain in Chevy Chase, MD, might be the answer to your problems.

It can help if water is getting into your basement or if you need to work on drainage before putting in a retaining wall on a slope.

For basement problems, French drains are installed around the footing of your home’s foundation. It can also be constructed under a basement floor around the edge. Interior drains are usually installed when a home experiences waterproofing problems in the basement.

Is This a DIY Project?

Installing a French drain in Chevy Chase, MD, is messy and time consuming. It involves digging and getting rid of a great deal of dirt.

If you are trying to fix a leaky foundation, it is most definitely a job for professionals. For a smaller task, like soggy areas in your yard, it is possible to do it yourself, as long as you understand the effort involved and have the right tools.

Benefits from Installing a French Drain

A French drain in Chevy Chase, MD, is a cost-effective solution to a wide range of drainage problems for yards and foundations. The number one benefit is how effective it is in getting rid of moisture. It is a quick and effective solution when you want to direct water to another location, from a higher to a lower spot on your property.

Homeowners in Chevy Chase, MD, appreciate that a French drain is environmentally friendly. It uses natural materials and directs water to open area where it can be reabsorbed naturally into the soil.

The Danger of Not Dealing with Drainage Issues

A French drain in Chevy Chase, MD, is one of the most direct solutions to standard drainage problems. It is often used in conjunction with other methods like below-grade drain and pipe systems, storm drains, stone drain swale areas and dry streambeds. Waterproofing foundations is also a standard part of an effective drainage strategy.

Not dealing with drainage issues when you first notice them can cost you money. If your basement leaks and your foundation cracks, it can affect the structural integrity of your entire home. Repairing that type of damage doesn’t come cheap. That’s why investing in drainage solutions like a French drain in Chevy Chase, MD, when the problem first becomes apparent is the most cost-effective approach.

When you don’t fix drainage problems, your yard will be vulnerable to soil erosion. It can affect the hardscapes on your property, like retaining walls, patios, walkways and driveways.

Soggy soil and lawns are no fun for playing and walking on. It affects the attractiveness of your yard. Vegetable gardens can drown in too much water, killing off your plants. It can wreak havoc with your overall landscaping design.

When it comes time to sell your home, drainage issues will affect the resell value. Appraisers are quick to spot indicators of drain and erosion damage. Buyers avoid homes that might require substantial investment in the future. To protect the value of your property, it is smart to deal with drainage issues as they occur.

Work with the Experts

East Coast Landscape Design has been serving the area since 1979. We have the staff to fix the problem at its source. Our Senior Geotechnical Engineer oversees the planning and execution of a drainage strategy that gets rid of your drainage problems. They have the know-how, experience and equipment to install a wide range of solutions, from French drains to landscaping grading.

Our experts have over three decades of experience with a wide range of landscaping and hardscape projects. We can handle:

  • Ponds
  • Fountains
  • Water gardens
  • Drainage and erosion control solutions
  • Outdoor lighting
  • Driveways
  • Retaining walls
  • Patios
  • Walkways
  • Landscaping
  • Firepits and fireplaces

For all types of outdoor home improvements, trust the experience and expertise of East Coast Landscape Design. Contact them today.

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