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Erosion Chevy Chase MD

Control Erosion to Increase the Value of Your Home

Erosion control is essential in Chevy Chase, MD. When runoff isn’t directed correctly and fully controlled, the result is loss of soil, soil movement, damage to landscaping and even to your home.

The professionals at East Coast Landscape Design know how erosion problems like this can impact the value of your home. It is a problem that can’t be ignored without reducing the worth of your biggest investment.

What Erosion Can Do To Your Home

Erosion is caused most often from the effects of uncontrolled rainwater and runoff after storms. But wind also plays its part. If your yard has steep slopes or improperly graded areas, this can encourage erosion.

Erosion can destroy landscaping design and expensive plantings. Since it often results in the movement of soil, it can actually cause cracks and damage to the foundation of your home. The result is problems with the structural integrity of the house.

All of this reduces the value of your home and results in the need for expensive repairs. It also makes sections of your yard unusable and hard to get to. This means you have fewer places to relax and entertain during the summer. Also, your yard looks less attractive than you want it. Erosion restricts how much practical use you get from your yard year round – you can’t plant flowers, trees, shrubs and fruits and vegetables where you want.

Signs of Erosion

Erosion and drainage issues in Chevy Chase, MD, are closely related. If you see signs of poor drainage, you will also most likely be experiencing erosion problems.

Indicators of erosion and drainage troubles include soggy or wet spots in your yard, or puddles that don’t dry out after a rainfall. If soil shifts after storms, you know you are dealing with erosion. If water constantly pools and collects on your patio or walkways, you have a problem. This is the case If streams are forming in your backyard. A big sign of erosion is when mulch washes away regularly or soil washes onto sidewalks, driveways or patios during or after rainstorms.

Many of these problems start small as annoying inconveniences. But they can quickly escalate from a small trickle of water in your yard to a gushing torrent of water during the next storm. That’s why it is essential to call in professionals as soon as you notice a problem. It is much less expensive to design a solution when the problem is still small. As the erosion escalates, so does the cost.

Designing with Erosion Control in Mind

The experts at East Coast Landscape Design use the land’s natural features to help solve erosion issues in Chevy Chase, MD. Minor issues can often be handled by installing a thick, healthy lawn or ground cover. This is both attractive and functional.

Landscaping with timbers, rocks, pavers and gravel can help control runoff and keep soil in place. Bark and mulches look nice but it isn’t heavy enough to stay in one place during a heavy rainstorm.

Other landscape possibilities include adding shrubs or other plants and keeping the area thriving with fertilizers so it grows steadily and stays hardy. With a solid, healthy root system, these covers work well to keep soil in place.

Changing the slope of an area can improve or eliminate erosion issues. Grading done by professionals can prevent erosion problems. They have the experience and training to determine the best gradient for slopes in your yard.

Building for Erosion Control

There are several types of installations that can stop erosion around your home. East Coast Landscape Design uses the expertise of its Senior Geotechnical Engineer and staff of skilled landscapers and builders to find the best solution.

Retaining walls can hold back soil that is currently eroding away. These also add focal points to a yard’s landscaping design, combining form and function. It is essential to have the work done by trained technicians who know how to professionally design and install retaining walls. Otherwise there is danger that instead of fixing the problem, these walls can actually make the it worse.

Drainage systems can improve runoff and the impact of ground water and standing water on your yard. Poor drainage leads directly to erosion problems in Chevy Chase, MD. A well designed drainage system collects water and directs it away from landscaping, foundations and your neighbor’s property. The right drainage controls and eliminates excess runoff and handles the flow of water off hillsides. This can eliminate many erosion problems for homeowners.

Trust Experience

Here at East Coast Landscape Design, we have over 30 years of experience working on erosion issues in Chevy Chase, MD. Our staff of trained technicians, directed by our Senior Geotechnical Engineer, understand how to work closely with homeowners to develop a comprehensive strategy to fix the problem.

Since 1979, we have worked on a wide range of outdoor projects for homeowners in the area. Our goal is to help our clients get the most out of their outdoor spaces. We make them accessible and fun, providing greater livability all year round.

On staff we have skilled experts like stonemasons, engineers, landscapers and builders. We have the experience and expertise to help you choose the right materials to enhance the look of your home and yard. We know how to research specifications for material performance to ensure the project is done right.

Our team takes pride in staying in close communication from the design phase through construction. Every job is done just the way you want it. We use natural materials to enhance the look and usability of the original landscape, using natural materials whenever we can. The result is a functional, beautiful outdoor space for your home.

In addition to drainage and erosion issues in Chevy Chase, MD, we also handle:

  • Outdoor kitchens
  • Firepits and fireplaces
  • Driveways
  • Walkways
  • Outdoor lighting
  • Patios
  • Retaining walls
  • Ponds
  • Foundations
  • Water gardens

When it’s time to fix your erosion problems in Chevy Chase MD, call the experts at East Coast Landscape Design.

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One year after you finished our landscaping, I must say that we are overwhelmed at how fabulous you have made our home look.

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