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Your Bethesda MD Driveway Design Is Much Too Important to Be an Afterthought

There are so many details to work on when you build a new home or remodel your current home. It’s easy to leave the driveway design in Bethesda, MD, an afterthought.

That’s too bad because your driveway takes up a major portion of your yard. It is often the first thing that visitors see. When your driveway is well designed and constructed, it adds immediate curb appeal to your home, increasing its value.

An attractive driveway design in Bethesda, MD, also goes hand-in-hand with durability and low maintenance, when you have professionals work on it. The right materials can last for decades with minimal upkeep.

Here 6 things you should consider when you start the driveway design process in Bethesda, MD.

Your Budget

The costs for different types of driveway materials vary considerably. For example, concrete and asphalt are economical, especially if it is a long driveway. Bricks and cobblestones are expensive. Interlocking pavers are in the middle of the cost spectrum.

The upfront costs have to be compared to long-term advantages. Concrete can quickly develop cracks during thaw-and-freeze cycles, making them a poor choice for hard winters. Asphalt is more flexible, but can also develop cracks and fissures easily. Both need light, but regular, maintenance.

Bricks and cobblestones last for decades with minimal upkeep. They also have a high curb appeal factor, adding to the overall value of the home.

Interlocking pavers are easy to maintain and come in a wide range of colors, shapes and sizes. They can even mimic the look of brick and cobblestones, at much less cost.

Level of Maintenance

How much upkeep do you want to deal with? This is an important decision in planning your driveway design in Bethesda, MD. If you hate maintenance, asphalt may not be the best choice. It needs resealing every few years. The same is true of concrete. Whenever cracks develop in concrete, they need to be fixed quickly so the problem doesn’t expand. The material also stains easily.

Cobblestones and bricks handle wear and tear quite well. In fact, they tend to look more rustic and interesting as they age. They need very little in the way of upkeep. Pavers can be repaired by the homeowner by switching out damaged ones for new ones, usually using tools he already has around the house.

Curb Appeal

To make an impression, nothing beats bricks and cobblestones in a driveway design in Bethesda, MD. These materials are timeless, elegant and give your home a very upscale look.

There is no question they add curb appeal. Homebuyers choose homes that stand out in a crowded marketplace. This type of driveway does just that. A one-of-a-kind driveway design in Bethesda, MD, done in brick or cobblestones adds a touch of class to any architectural style and landscape look.


How well your driveway wears depends on the materials you use, the skill of the builder and the traffic it needs to handle over the years. If you have heavy trucks using it, any driveway will show the effects sooner than if you use passenger cars.

Concrete and asphalt can last for many years with proper care. They might be the best choice if you have lots of motor vehicle traffic and big trucks using your driveway. Just plan for replacement after a certain number of years.

Bricks, cobblestones and paver driveways will last for decades with standard wear and tear. They will need just a modest amount of maintenance over the years. They are a good choice for a driveway that doesn’t need to carry heavy equipment or large amounts of traffic.


How much space do you have for your driveway? This will play a big role in your driveway design in Bethesda, MD. The three main layouts are long and straight, circular and curved.

Before you choose a layout, you need to figure out how you will use the driveway. Here are questions you need to answer as you plan your driveway.

  • Do you need room for two cars to pass each other or room to turnaround?
  • How many cars do you want to park on your driveway?
  • Will your garage face toward the street or is it off to the side?
  • Is the property sloped, and if so, how steep is it?
  • Do you have natural terrain, like mature trees or stones, that you want to design around?
  • Is your goal the look of an estate, a driveway that adds to your home’s exterior décor and landscaping? Or will a standard driveway do just fine?

Though that’s a lot of questions, it is necessary to do pre-planning before you move on to the driveway design in Bethesda, MD. A professional builder can help you figure out what type of driveway will work best for your needs and your budget.

Work with Professionals

The experts here at East Coast Landscape Design have been doing driveway design and building in Bethesda, MD, since 1979. For over three decades, we have been helping homeowners all over the area come up with the perfect design, merging form with function.

Our skilled team of designers, stonemasons and builders take pride in working with a range of budgets. We can help you select the best materials for your needs. We have reputation for skilled craftsmanship, superior materials and excellent customer service.

The team here at East Coast Landscape Design handles a variety of outdoor projects, both residential and commercial, including:

  • Driveways
  • Outdoor kitchens
  • Outdoor lighting
  • Landscaping
  • Patios
  • Retaining walls
  • Fire pits and fireplaces
  • Walkways
  • Drainage and erosion control

For a quote for driveway design and construction in Bethesda, MD, call the professionals at East Coast Landscape Design today.

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