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How Do Retaining Walls Help Erosion Control?

Trust the landscape design experts at East Coast Landscape Design to work with you to incorporate retaining walls, erosion control management techniques and landscape design best practices to preserve and enhance your property.

Why Do I Need Erosion Control?

Maryland’s rolling topography presents serious landscape challenges. Stormwater runoff careens down slopes, erodes topsoil and contributes to structural damage. Hallmarks include recurrent puddles, bare spots and swampy depressions with standing water that harbor insect pests. Soil becomes unstable and unsafe. An efficient water drainage control system with retaining walls and redirection is part of this crucial environmental preservation process.

Why are retaining walls so important in erosion control?

The worst erosion problems are cracks in building foundations, driveways and patios that lead to unintended flooding and structural deficiencies. Retaining walls of railroad ties, interlocking block, brick, stone and concrete are able to redirect runoff flows to prevent water damage from harming structural safety.

What are the best ways to prevent land erosion?

Integrate retaining walls, tree and shrub plantings, and hardscape features constructed of permeable pavers or natural stone so your landscape automatically transports and safely filters water via a drainage network to redirect stormwater runoff away from foundations and into nature’s filtration system.

For over 35 years Mark Simpson and his talented East Coast Landscape Design team have served satisfied landscape clients with intuitive, functional landscape design in Maryland, Virginia, and Washington, D.C.. With retaining walls for redirection, catch basins for collection and strategic plantings for prevention, East Coast Landscape Design delivers smart and effective erosion control as a seamless part of your overall landscape design.

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They did a retaining wall. It's perfect. They showed up when they said they were going to and finished the job up nicely. I hadn't worked with them before...I have some jobs in the works, and I plan on reusing them...I would call on them again...

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