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Permeable Pavers

It’s amazing the difference professionally installed permeable paver features can make in the appearance, function and value of your home. The landscape design experts at East Coast Landscape Design incorporate erosion management, stormwater control and landscaping best practices to deliver Low Impact Development (LID) solutions for your property. Permeable, or porous, interlocking pavers are an integral part of your effective home landscape design.

Why is stormwater management important?

Stormwater runoff erodes vital topsoil, destabilizes soil, increases water pollution and causes structural damage. An efficient stormwater and snowmelt drainage control system is a key component of sustainable environmental preservation efforts.

Why are permeable pavers important in erosion control?

Erosion problems include cracks in building foundations, driveways and patios that lead to unintended flooding and structural deficiencies. Permeable pavers redirect runoff to prevent water damage from causing deterioration of your land or contributing to structural damage.

How do permeable pavers work?

Permeable interlocking pavers are installed over a filtering foundation of stone and sand that naturally filter and transport stormwater to underground aquifers. Permeable pavers reduce erosion and runoff, filter pollutants from stormwater, and help you achieve a more sustainable landscape while protecting clean water supplies.

Many state and county stormwater regulations in our region now require environmental site design. If you live within the 64,000-square mile Chesapeake Bay watershed, home to over 18 million people, the East Coast Landscape Design experts are here to help you meet environmental regulations and protect your property.

How do I benefit from installing permeable landscape pavers?

Permeable paver driveways, walkways and patios resist extreme weather conditions. They require minimal maintenance, offer maximum durability, and are important materials in land conservation. Many regulators now mandate the use of permeable outdoor surfaces as a key element of effective land use and landscape management planning.

According to The Green Building Alliance the environmental and financial benefits of a professional permeable paver installation are significant. They include:

  • Eliminating runoff
  • Recharging groundwater
  • Trapping suspended solids and pollutants
  • Reducing surface temperatures, mitigating “heat island effect”
  • Eliminating retention basins, water collection systems and their costs
  • Less de-icing products in winter
  • Lower installation costs (no underground pipes, storm drains, or sloping/grading)
  • Low life-cycle costs with a life expectancy of 20 to 40 years when properly installed

For nearly forty years Mark Simpson and the talented East Coast Landscape Design team have served satisfied landscape clients with intuitive landscape design in Maryland, Virginia, and Washington, D.C. East Coast Landscape Design offers permeable pavers as an important element of your sustainable landscape design.

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