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Maryland Retaining Wall Failure

A well built retaining wall can last for years, if not decades, but they're not indestructible. Long before the wall collapses outright, they will try to tell you there's a problem. But that only works if you know what you look for. In this short video we will outline three of the most common signs that your retaining wall may be starting to fail.

Number one, water building up behind the wall itself.

This is a sure sign of improper grading or drainage or both. And the added weight of all that water can wreck any retaining wall no matter how well built. If you see standing or pooled water behind the wall, fast action is called for to save it.

Number two, weeds growing out of seep holes.

Seep holes are a critical part of a retaining walls drainage system, but they can only do their jobs if they remain free of obstructions. The good thing about this type of issue is that it's very easy to address. But again, fast action is called for and regular periodic inspections will go a long way towards keeping this problem in check.

Number three, cracking or bowing?

This is a sure sign that you're retaining wall is under intense pressure from somewhere, though only a thorough inspection will reveal the root cause, which could be anything from inadequate drainage to improperly placed supports or some other flaw in the design.

If you notice any of the items mentioned above, don't hesitate. Give East Coast landscape and design a call right away so we can assess what needs to be done and do it for you.

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