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Maryland Erosion and Drainage: Retaining Walls

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Maryland Erosion and Drainage: Retaining Walls

A well-designed landscape reflects wise use of land management principles. One major concern: water and erosion damage to the structural integrity of your home and, in particular, your foundation. Retaining walls are one critical landscape element that can resolve existing drainage and erosion issues from harming your property.

Any homeowner facing drainage and erosion problems can tell you how frustrating and expensive the problem can be. Oftentimes water-related repairs are not covered under homeowners insurance. A 2011 ACE Insurance Underwriters study shows water damage caused $3 billion dollars in annual homeowner property losses. But, a long-term landscape investment in precisely placed and well-constructed retaining walls can eliminate future expenses for more costly foundation and structural repairs if drainage and erosion issues are left untamed.

Taking a holistic approach to your property allows you to see the bigger picture. Considering strategically placed retaining walls as boundaries to protect your home, patio, walkways, entryways, and driveways - wherever stormwater typically pools. Use retaining walls as a unifying theme throughout your landscape, and integrate them as borders and seating walls, with outdoor kitchens, and anywhere they can increase the value, beauty, and function of your property.

The five most common construction materials used in retaining walls are brick, stacked stone, interlocking blocks, timber, and concrete. Brick and flagstone are popular choices since they compliment a variety of architectural styles. Larger, taller retaining walls with greater engineering and safety demands are best served by segmented retaining wall systems. No matter what type of retaining wall you choose, East Coast Landscape Design has the engineering and outdoor construction expertise to deliver long-lasting retaining walls that will protect your property without fail for decades.

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