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Just like with concrete and asphalt pavements, Techo-Bloc pavers can be plowed and shoveled. Actually, the edges and joints around the pavers assist in melting snow and ice. When using a contractor for snow removal, it is recommended to verify that their equipment uses Teflon blades to avoid scratching the pavers. Using de-icing salt (sodium chloride or calcium chloride) to remove snow and ice will not harm Techo-Bloc paving stones. 

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Yes, there is a 10 year warranty for most new construction. No warranty if client provides materials, not the company.


*1 year warranty for concrete work.


*There is no warranty for any hairline cracking on new concrete or mortar joints.

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It is on a case by case basis if drainage would be needed behind your retaining wall and would be discussed during the consultation; but as a general rule, drainage behind retaining walls is standard. 



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*Stacked Stone Wall: Stacked stone walls are gravity retaining walls that rely on the weight of the material to ensure they do not shift or fall over. Construction generally does not use any mortar or glue to hold the stones in place. The maximum height of this type of wall is 4 feet, under ideal conditions. Stacked stone retaining walls typically cost between $35-45 per square foot.

stacked_stone stacked_stone1


*Lumber Wall: Lumber walls are constructed using 6x6" pressure treated Southern Pine tree logs or railroad ties. Lumber walls typically cost between $40-50 per square foot.

lumber_wall lumber_wall1


*Segmented Wall: Segmental retaining walls consist of concrete blocks that are interlocked with each other and have a cap stone. With the unique construction of segmented retaining walls, higher and steeper walls can be constructed with the ability to retain the force of soil weight and gravity created by the backfill soil. This type of wall is sometimes also used to surround patios for aesthetics, privacy, and as a short seat wall. Segmented retaining walls can be installed in a wide variety of colors, sizes, and textures. They can incorporate straight or curved lines, steps, and corners. Segmented retaining walls typically run $45-75 per square foot and depending on the choice of materials.

cinder_block_retaining_wall_cost Anchor_Diamond_10D_Retaining_Wall1


*Mortared Stone Wall: Mortared stone retaining walls are built with a concrete footer or base, after that cinder blocks are laid and filled with reinforcement bars and concrete for stability. Stones are then mortared to the cinder blocks for the final look. Mortared stone walls typically cost between $65-95 per square foot.



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The client would provide the appliances prior to construction (grill, microwave, etc.) and our company would install and do any wiring/gas hookups necessary. Appliances are needed prior to construction to make sure that they will fit seamlessly into the finished outdoor kitchen.

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