Two Most Popular Landscape Drainage Systems

Any enviously green grass may quickly become a mushy mess due to poor drainage, but there are two main kinds of landscape drainage systems that can rescue your hopelessly messy backyard. Each of these landscaping designs is designed to address certain drainage challenges. But how can you know whether your lawn has drainage issues and which Rockville, MD Landscape Drainage System is appropriate for your grass?

Here are some key indicators of a faulty landscape drainage system.

  • Eroding soil
  • Topsoil that has become loose
  • Foundation with water stains
  • Water accumulating behind gutter spouts
  • Flooding walkways and driveways

These symptoms indicate that your lawn needs an improved Rockville, MD Landscape Drainage System. Apart from these, fractured pipes, yard slope, and an absence of downspouts might hinder your grass from draining effectively, particularly during heavy rain.

Landscape Drainage System Types

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Professional landscaping contractors such as East Coast Landscape Design would most likely recommend one of the two types of landscape drainage concerns, including dry wells and French drains, to solve the most prevalent drainage problems.

  • Dry Well

A dry well is a cylindrical subterranean reservoir that collects rainwater and gently releases it back into the earth. The porous lining of the dry well allows for this kind of landscape drainage. Instead of pooling above ground, the water is progressively introduced a few feet below the surface using this drainage system. A dry well is best for water that is difficult to divert, such as downspouts or driveway grates. Rainfall, soil type, and the water table height all play a role in determining if this is the best drainage choice for your lawn.

  • French Drain

A French drain is a landscape drainage system intended to remove water pools created by low-lying terrain. French drains work similarly to gutters, except instead of collecting water from above, they channel it to the ground. Perforated pipe is coated with filter cloth and topped with gravel to create these effective drains. French drains are widely utilized in combination with front yard landscaping to remove water pooling in plant beds or pots, thanks to their often-stylish appearance.

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Which Landscape Drainage System Is Best for You?

While there are various landscape drainage systems to choose from, French drains and dry wells are the most popular and effective. Installing a landscape drainage system in conjunction with any form of irrigation system will prevent water from collecting in pathways, roads, low-lying areas, and other locations, maintaining your grass and saving you money. 

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