Information On Different Types of Landscape Drainage Systems

Did you know that various drainage systems are designed to perform in different situations? The ground topography and geomorphology are two criteria that influence which kind of drainage system to utilize for a certain stretch of lawn or landscaping. As a result, many of our customers are unsure which sort of Silver Spring, MD Landscape Drainage System to utilize when designing their landscape. As a prominent landscaping company in Silver Spring, MD, we’d like to drive home the point by examining the many kinds of drainage systems and their applications.

Here’s a quick rundown of the best drainage solutions to employ when designing your landscaping.

a) French Drain

A French drain is essentially a ditch that is approximately 4 feet deep, packed with permeable material such as gravel, through which water trickles into a perforated pipe and is routed away from the property. It’s most often utilized in residential settings to keep surface water from infiltrating and destroying the foundations.

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b) Surface Drainage Systems

Trenches and flexible PVC pipes make up this sort of Silver Spring, MD landscape drainage system. They gather water at ground level and channel it away. These drainage systems are typically best for regions with enough natural slope for water to drain away naturally. However, if the gravitational force is insufficient, a better drainage solution will be a sump and pump system.

c) Drainage Channels

A channel drain is a kind of surface water drain widely utilized due to its ease of design and construction. It is made up of a channel and a detachable grate and a sump, end caps, and other components. It aids in the management of severe run-offs produced by heavy rains and floods. One of the main advantages of channel drains is that they are more visually pleasing and unobtrusive.

d) Sump Pumps

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Sump pumps are ideal for basement waterproofing systems, particularly in yards where the grading slopes towards the home. They include a built-in float switch that pushes water away from the foundation, preventing it from gathering and seeping into your basement.

Staying clear of drainage issues necessitates using the proper drainage system, and not every solution will work in all situations due to the different aspects that must be considered while constructing a drainage system.

You may contact the East Coast Landscape Design professionals to learn more about the Silver Spring, MD Landscape Drainage System and how it can make your landscape more useful and attractive.

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