How to Manage Pooling Water in Your Potomac, MD Landscape?

Water may gather in flat, low-lying places or depressions due to numerous causes. Pooling may also develop when soil is excessively hydric and traps water rather than allowing it to drain normally. It might become an even more significant worry if pooled water starts draining toward the house. Pooling water may be a big hurdle in landscaping, but not an unsolvable one.

Here are some solutions to cope with water pooling in your Potomac, MD landscaping.

a) Swales

If water flowing out of the pooling region is headed toward your home or other unfavorable place, a swale may be utilized to alter the water flow.   A swale is a Potomac, MD Landscape Drainage System that is merely a shallow dip dug into the landscape.

Swales must be designed deep enough to withstand considerable amounts of water flow. A decent swale is approximately 3 feet broad on the top and narrows down to a depth of roughly 6 inches. However, you may choose to make your swale deeper. For the swale to eradicate water pooling, it must start at an elevation equivalent to the lowest depth in the pooling region and extend outward at a constant downward slope. If you are seeking to deflect water away from its normal direction of flow, toward a home or other undesired place, you may find yourself battling the slope of the land and may need to dig a swale far more profound than simply 6 inches.

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b) Drain Pipes

If the layout of your property does not allow a swale to be constructed, then laying drain pipes may be more productive. With a Potomac, MD Landscape Drainage System like drain pipes, water can enter the underground pipe systems via grated inlets. The inlets should be located at the lowest point in any pooling regions to facilitate complete draining into the subsurface pipe system. The pipes, however, should follow a continuous downward path in the direction you intend the water to flow. For example, the drain pipes should flow out into a neighboring stream, water channel, woodland area or roadway.

Why Choose East Coast Landscape Design?

The magnitude of a Potomac, MD Landscape Drainage System is often beyond the knowledge of a typical homeowner. So, it is advisable to remember that a failed effort might be costlier than simply employing a professional from the start.

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If you are unclear about the drainage requirements of your landscape and property, or if you are doubtful of your abilities to undertake the job, then you are better off bringing in a professional landscaper like us.

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