How to Find and Hire a Qualified Drainage Contractor?

It’s critical to do your research before hiring a Hyattsville, MD Landscape Drainage System installer. Here we will discuss some of the most effective ways of locating a potential Hyattsville, MD Landscape Drainage System contractor.

  • The Better Business Bureau: It’s good to check with the BBB. If you’re looking for a landscaping contractor, this is an excellent place to start your search. They provide a list of BBB-accredited companies in your region that you may access online.
  • Angie’s List: You may also see client testimonials on Angie’s List, an excellent resource for getting suggestions. 
  • Portfolio and References: You can request a portfolio of work samples and contact information from prior employers after narrowing the number of candidates. If possible, drive by a home or company during or after a rainstorm to get a firsthand look at their job. By doing so, you’ll see exactly how they intend to handle drainage on your property and be confident in their ability to do so.
  • Get in touch with the previous clients of the drainage contractor you’re considering: Inquire whether they were happy with the job, if the contractor kept within the budget and if the project was finished on schedule. 
  • Bids: At least two bids should be obtained, and they should be in writing. It’s important to remember that a contractor’s desire to make more money isn’t the only reason for a higher offer. Better materials, better craftsmanship, and greater dependability may warrant a higher price. Remember that “get what you pay for.”
  • Insurance: The property owner may be held liable for any incidents that occur during construction if your contractor does not have general liability or workers’ compensation insurance. So, always ask for proof of insurance. 
  • Skills Needed: If you’re looking for a contractor, be sure they have the expertise necessary to execute the task properly. For example, when installing pipes in your yard, does he know how far apart they should be placed? Most importantly, does he have a plan for disposing of the extra water? Not only may penalties be significant if you purposely divert water to your neighbor’s yard, but you might also face criminal charges.
  • Equipment, Supervision & Project Site Management: Make sure you know who will oversee the project and how frequently they will be there to ensure that the plans are carried out. There will be no pauses in the project’s progress save for weather-related delays. When you run across an issue or have a query, you need to know who to contact. Your contractor should also have the necessary tools to do the work.
  • Products: It’s important to know which items are used by the contractor and whether or not they are the finest in their field. 
  • Warranty: Drainage system installation should be backed by a guarantee if anything goes wrong. 
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If you are still confused about whom to hire for constructing your Hyattsville, MD Landscape Drainage System, why not consider East Coast Landscape Design? To contact us, please fill out the contact form provided on our website and rest assured that you will get a call back soon.