Different Types of Landscape Drainage Systems – Things You Should Know

Did you know that different drainage systems are intended to work differently depending on the situation? The ground topography and geomorphology are two factors that determine the drainage system that should be used for a particular length of grass or landscaping. As a consequence, many of our clients are unclear about which kind of Landscaping Drainage System to use when planning their College Park, MD Landscape Drainage System. As a leading landscaping firm in College Park, MD, we’d like to emphasize the point by looking at the many drainage systems and how they’re used so that this decision will be a lot easier for our clients.

Here’s an overview of the finest drainage options to consider when planning your landscape.

  • French Drains

A French drain is simply a 4-foot-deep trench filled with a porous material like gravel, through which water trickles into a perforated pipe and is channeled away from the land. It’s most often used in homes to prevent surface water from penetrating and ruining foundations.

  • Drainage Systems on the Surface
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This kind of College Park, MD Landscape Drainage System is made of trenches and flexible PVC pipes. They collect water on the ground and divert it away. These drainage systems work best in areas with sufficient natural slopes for water to flow away naturally. If the gravitational force is inadequate, a sump and pump system is a preferable drainage option.

  • Channels for Drainage

A channel drain is a popular kind of surface water drain. It consists of a channel with a removable grate and a sump, end caps, and other parts. It assists in controlling severe run-offs caused by heavy rains and flooding. In addition, channel drains have the benefit of being more aesthetically beautiful and inconspicuous.

  • Water Pumps

Basement waterproofing systems benefit from sump pumps, especially in yards where the grading slopes towards the house. They include a built-in float switch that keeps water away from the foundation and out of your basement.

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Avoiding drainage problems involves the use of the right drainage system. However, remember that not every solution will work as many factors must be addressed while building a drainage system.

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