Is A Dry Well the Same as A French Drain for My Silver Spring, MD Landscape?

Are you wondering whether to use a dry well or a French drain to control the drainage system of your Silver Spring, MD landscaping? If so, you may be wondering, “Is a Dry Well the Same as a French Drain for My Silver Spring, MD Landscape?” We’d be happy to explain the differences between dry wells and French drains as a top landscaping and drainage expert in the region. Let’s start by replying to your question.

Is A Dry Well the Same as A French Drain for My Silver Spring, MD Landscape?

Before replying to your concern, we’d want to provide you a detailed description of each system so you can make an intelligent choice among these two.

What is a Dry Well?

A dry well is a permeable underground “well” that aids in the dispersal of sump box discharge lines, surface runoff, and roof water. Always ensure that dry wells enable water to seep back to the soil and are kept at a safe distance from your property while digging them. A standard dry well is a 4 x 3 foot trench with clear gravel and a filter cloth covering. Keep in mind that gravity plays an important role in dry well installation. They’re useful since they’re simple and dependable. They may also help to prevent your sump pump discharge pipes from freezing throughout the winter.

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What Is a French Drain?

French drains are simple pipes built into the ground to divert water away from the most difficult areas of a property. One layer of stone or gravel is poured on top of the pipe, which has been wrapped with water-permeable fabric before being placed in the trench. Gravity draws rainwater into the hollow pipe, where it may easily flow to a rain barrel or any other handy water drainage spot.

Why Should You Go with Us?

Many clients in the regions we serve have supported our drainage solutions because they are effective, dependable, and long-lasting. This is because, in order to assure the long-term durability and efficacy of our drainage systems, we only employ high-quality materials from trustworthy vendors. We also follow local legislation and industry-accepted standards to ensure the structural integrity of your drainage system. We also use modern tools and heavy machinery, such as trenchers and excavators, to finish your tasks on time. Owing to our professionally planned and implemented drainage systems, we guarantee that you will no longer be worried about storm water runoff or floods.

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If you need a knowledgeable drainage professional to keep your landscape area free of water floods, contact East Coast Landscape Design, Inc. The simplest method to do that s is to use the contact form on our website. Once you’ve finished this step, one of our company employees will contact you as soon as possible to assist you with your landscaping work.