Why You May Need A Shishi Odoshi In Your Bethesda MD Landscaping

So, after a lot of time and effort, you’ve set up the perfect backyard pond aquascape at your home.However,has it occurred to you that seeing your ideal backyard, deer, and other animals may have different ideas? What if they view the plant life in your backyard as some sort of great eat it all buffet? So how can you keep these animals away from your backyard pond aquascape? What is the solution?

There is no need to worry as the Japanese have solved this problem brilliantly with a simple shishi-odoshi. Do you know what a shishi-odoshi is? Have you ever seen one? If not, let us explain it to you. These are simply bamboo water fountains that spill over and make that sweet “tunk” noise every so often. The principle behind their working is very simple. They operate on a straightforward principle: by default, this bamboo tube’s center of gravity will be unbalanced. This makes their open end to face upward always. When this open-end fills up with water, the center of gravity of the bamboo tube changes, and this causes the shishi-odoshi to spill over, and the bottom end of the tube touches the ground surface making a “tunk” noise.

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Why You May Need A Shishi Odoshi In Your Bethesda MD Landscaping

Now, as you know what is a shishi odoshi and how it works, are you wondering how about fixing one of these in your backyard landscaping to enhance its beauty? Many people believe that shishi odoshi are artistic things. However, it has a much more practical use. For example, it may act as a scarecrow, a scare boar, a scare deer, or a scare-anything. There is no doubt that the abrupt tunk sound it makes can surely scare animals.

However, nowadays, shishi-odoshi has surpassed its functional role and has taken on a new identity. Now, you can find shishi-odoshi even in gardens where there’s no real danger of unwanted animals. This is because this device adds a soothing background noise to your backyard. Some might even find hearing this rhythmic noise breaking up the empty silence of a peaceful backyard pond useful to meditate.

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So if you are still pondering over why you may need a shishi odoshi in your Bethesda MD landscaping, mentally picture yourself retreating to your backyard zen pond with closed eyes and letting the stress of the day melt out hearing to the sound of a shishi odoshi. There you have the answer.

Remember that you don’t need a pond or garden to reap the benefits of a shishi-odoshi. You could even have one inside of your home. If you find the idea of having a shushi odoshi at your place, we at East Coast Landscape Design can help you. For this, just get in touch with us by filling the contact form on our website.