Is Greenbelt Md Landscaping An Art Or A Science?

We get lots of great questions from the clients we work with and this one has come up often enough that we wanted to turn its answer into an article in case you’ve been wondering the same thing.

First, let’s start with the reason it’s a question in the first place. Obviously, nobody is going to pay for landscaping that looks terrible, so there’s unmistakably an artistic component to any job, no matter how big or small.

That said, good landscaping without hard science and engineering behind it is just a decoration. Minus the science and engineering that lies beneath the surface of any well-planned landscaping project, whatever you do to beautify your property isn’t going to last into the long term. Here’s a common example:

Drainage issues are very common on properties in the region. When you start to look for them, you’ll see an almost shocking number of retaining walls around your area that your eye probably just looked past before.

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What you may not know is that there’s a lot of science and engineering behind each and every one of those walls. Placement matters. The design of the drainage system built into those walls matters. The type of soil you have matters, and of course, the topography of your land matters.

Without a scientific approach to the building of a retaining wall to help solve whatever drainage issues you’re having, it’s almost certainly not going to be effective.

Again though, landscaping is clearly about artistry too. After all, nobody is going to spend money on having a retaining wall built if it’s going to stick out like a sore thumb, so the trick is to build the wall in such a way that it solves the problem while blending into your overarching landscaping vision to create an aesthetically pleasing whole that will enhance the value of your property.

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No matter what the scope and scale of your landscaping ambitions, pretty much every project you undertake is like that. There are aspects to consider like soil erosion and not getting in the way of the pipes running beneath your property to consider that require a scientific approach.

In short then, the answer to the question “Is Greenbelt Md landscaping an art or a science?” is that it’s both, and we’ve got a tremendous amount of experience in the field, so whatever landscaping you’ve got in mind, give our office a call when you’re ready to begin.

We’ve built our business and become the top-rated landscaping company in the area by exceeding the expectations of each and every client we serve, and we can hardly wait for the opportunity to impress you.