When Should You Build A Silver Spring MD Retaining Wall?

A retaining wall features a structure designed to protect leveled ground on inclined terrain. On one side, the structure holds soil while the other side stands freely. It also prevents erosion that would damage other features. More so, the wall provides drainage.

Other than structural support, you could build a retaining wall for aesthetic purposes. By installing the divider, you not only give the slope area firm support but also enhance its curb appeal quality.

When Should You Build A Silver Spring MD Retaining Wall?

  • While landscaping your property

Landscaped property should maintain its lush looks. If you live on a home with a sloping topography, the risk of rainwater washing the soil down is always high. When this happens, the dirt accumulates at the lower points. It leaves a muddy mess and ruins your precious plants. By adding a retaining wall, you not only define the garden space but also hold the soil back.

  • When making a driveway

An existing driveway on an incline may not be serving its purpose entirely. You may consider making it more approachable or extend it. With such a design in mind, a retaining wall comes in handy to compensate for a shallow slope or add support to the unstable soil. An engineer will help you come up with a blueprint that takes care of the load, enhances safety while retaining your property’s beauty.

  • During Patio installation

While building a patio, a retaining wall helps define the patio boundaries. The structure also distinguishes your patio from other outdoor spaces. In the end, your patio design appears stylish and professionally build. Since the patio will be on the highest level, a retaining wall gives the slope a neat look. For added beauty, you can plant a vibrant variety of flowers to fill the wall’s borders.

Why Build a Retaining Wall?

If you live in a property whose topography slopes, you probably need a retaining wall. As seen earlier, the wall provides extra support, prevents movement of soil downhill, and drains water by managing runoff. You also realize that when your yard has a level area, you can landscape it with ease. More reasons for building a retaining wall include:

  • As a structural support option
  • To level the grade of the project area before construction
  • While landscaping an outdoor area that doubles as a seating

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