When Should You Build A Potomac MD Retaining Wall?

East Coast Landscape Design is a reputable landscaping company with a solid track record for delivering desired results. East Coast Landscape Design, for over 40 years, continues to add comfort to the home of customers that have trusted them.

Based in Maryland, the award-winning company also provides amazing solutions when it comes to driveways, water features, fire pit and fireplaces, outdoor lighting, among several others.

With a team of well-trained professionals, skilled and experienced in the art of landscaping, and related fields, East Coast Landscape Design is a great choice for your landscaping needs.

Retaining walls are of great benefit and importance to the serenity of your home or place of business. Furthermore, the importance of hiring an A-rated landscaping company like East Coast Landscape Design can never be overemphasized. However, when should you build a Potomac MD retaining wall?

There comes a time when you may seek more comfort from your home and would see the need to install patios, develop a beautiful garden, improve and protect your landscape. This is when you should have a retaining wall built for you.

A retaining wall can bring out the best of your landscape by ensuring support, leveling a portion, and providing supplementary beautification to your landscape project. The basic idea behind retaining walls is structural support, but it has also become engineered artistry, used to improve the aesthetic of a home or business. 

Aesthetics aside, you should have professionals build a strong retaining wall to stabilize slopes and shield them from erosion and gravitation. East Coast Landscape Design offers professional retaining walls services that include excavation, slope stabilization, grading, modular block, natural stone, or timber retaining walls, and erosion control. All these are essentials in building a strong retaining wall that will serve its numerous purposes.

Since landscapes are of different soil structures, and also, given the variety of needs retaining walls meet, there are several types of retaining walls. These different retaining walls provide unique solutions for your landscape projects, and they include Gravity, Cantilevered, Sheet Piling, and Anchored.

The Gravity retaining wall is used to counter-balance external stress and gravitational force. This is achieved by leveraging the hardscape material’s weight and volume.

In the Cantilevered type of retaining wall, professional and skilled landscapers utilize an interior piece of metal that is strength-treated and reinforced with hardened concrete.

Sheet Piling retaining wall is the most suitable choice if the area you wish to construct the retaining wall is of clay soil and narrow.

As the name implies, the Anchored retaining wall can be anchored to any of the preceding retaining walls. It provides additional support.

Any of the aforementioned retaining walls can effectively protect your landscape from the invasion of erosions, serve as a good drainage structure, and preserve the state of your scenery.

East Coast Landscaping Design is a team of adept professionals, who not only build resilient retaining walls but also ensure you have a great experience as a customer.

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