When Should You Build A Beltsville MD Retaining Wall

East Coast Landscape Design has been in existence since 1979, located in Montgomery County, VA. For over 40 years we have been improving landscapes of Washington and surrounding areas and making all our customers a very happy bunch. Our team is made up of professional architects and technicians in landscape design and construction, including experts in retaining walls.

What are retaining walls?

Retaining walls are structural support for soils, with the purpose of retaining it and protecting existing landscape. They are also used for aesthetic purposes, to beautify the environment by providing support for landscaping purposes, installation of patio and also driveway. Retaining walls are classified based on the use of the soil it holds back.

If the soil retained is used for structural purpose it is called structural retaining wall, but if it is used for aesthetic purpose it is an aesthetic retaining wall.

Types of retaining wall

The various types of retaining wall are distinguished by the method of design and construction used, which are;

  1. Gravity retaining wall – This is designed with weight and volume of the hardscape in mind, because it helps to counter balance the force from behind.
  2. Cantilevered retaining wall – A cantilevered retaining wall is constructed with a strength-treated metal in the interior.
  3. Sheet piling retaining wall – They are designed for clay soils and narrow areas.
  4. Anchored retaining wall – An anchored retaining wall is constructed to provide wall support.

Materials used for constructing retaining wall

Concrete and mortar: Concrete is suitable for erosion purposes, because it increases in strength when exposed to moisture.

Stone and Boulder: For aesthetic purposes, stones and boulders are more appealing, though they are more technical to construct, they are still preferred because of their beauty.

Wood or Timber: Wood is cheaper due to low installation cost, but it requires high maintenance because of its weakness against moisture.

When should you build a Beltsville MD retaining wall?

In Beltsville, Maryland, summers are usually long, hot and humid, but generally mild to cool winters.

So many may wonder, when should you build a Beltsville MD retaining wall? It should be done when you have need of any of the following:

Control Downhill Erosion: Building retaining walls will curb erosion activities, by protecting the slope level.

Eroding Foundation: Soil is placed to cover the foundation, but if this soil is eroding, it exposes the foundation and increases the chances of failure. A retaining wall will check this and safeguard the foundation from failing.

Landscaping: Retaining walls helps to create flat space for new landscape and protects an existing landscaped area.

Gardens: Gardens make your yard more inviting and beautiful – If you want to control uneven ground, and vegetation, you will need a retaining will.

Patio Installation: Some homes may need retaining walls to build patios as it creates space and a flat area where you can sit, relax and enjoy the open space.

If you’re looking for a retaining wall in the Beltsville MD area or surrounding suburbs, give East Coast Landscape and Design a call. We are highly reviewed and rated, and our friendly reps will answer your questions. Fill out the form on our website today.

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