When Do I Need a Potomac, MD Retaining Wall?

A retaining wall solves many problems for homeowners worried about erosion and drainage issues. A wall is a serious piece of construction that can solve complex soil problems. Not a do-it-yourself project, it requires the expertise of professionals. That’s why the team here at East Coast Landscape Design includes a Senior Geotechnical Engineer with years of experience in local soil and weather conditions. He is our go-to specialist for the question, “When do I need a retaining wall in Potomac, MD?”

Here are 5 specific situations that are often improved with the installation of a retaining wall.

  • Your home is at the bottom of a steep hill. Do you worry about soil cascading down the hill and into your home after a serious winter storm? A retaining wall will stabilize the hillside and prevent damage. It can also free up space for gardening.
  • You have hills around your property that aren’t usable for daily activities. You can create more outdoor living space for you and your family with the construction of a series of retaining walls. Instead of a bare hillside that’s hard to get to, you have flat areas for gardening, relaxing and playing. By creating more space on your property, you also make it more attractive to homebuyers.
  • You hate the look created by erosion and runoff. With a retaining wall, the soil is stabilized, erosion is controlled and runoff is managed. Your yard will look better and you will also have more area for gardening and other activities.
  • Your home is in the path of a soil fault line. After a serious storm, soil can come cascading down onto your house. By installing a retaining wall, you reduce the chance of damage to your house.
  • The soil is unstable close to your home’s foundation. This is a big worry because damage to the foundation can undermine the structural integrity of your house. A retaining wall will stabilize the soil and reduce the chances of damage.

There are other times you might want wonder when do I need a retaining wall in Potomac, MD. They aren’t just for serious soil problems. Adding a retaining wall can enhance the look of your overall landscape design. East Coast gets many requests for aesthetic wall construction. We use the finest natural and man-made materials so the wall fits in seamlessly with nature.

East Coast has been helping homeowners just like you for over 40 years. We are retaining wall experts, from our Senior Geotechnical Engineer to our designers and construction crew. We handle it all, including design, excavation, grading, slope stabilization, and erosion control.

Call East Coast Landscape Design today to find out when do I need a Potomac, MD, retaining wall.

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