Outdoor Kitchens Bethesda MD

Outdoor kitchens in Bethesda, MD should bring family and friends together, and provide a place for homeowners to entertain. When it is time to bring the living area outside, trust the project to the experts at East Landscape Design.

They are proud of their craftsmanship, and their certification. It should also be noted that the technicians at East Coast Landscape Design are fully licensed and insured. Whenever a soft or hardscaping project is contracted, it is important that they are licensed and insured. Accidents can happen, even if the outdoor kitchen is easy to install. If the landscaping company isn’t licensed and fully insured, the property owner might be responsible for any injuries and damages incurred during the project. This won’t be a problem if the outdoor kitchen is designed and installed by the licensed and certified team at East Coast Landscape Design.

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The cost of outdoor kitchens in Bethesda, MD will depend on several factors. This includes the materials used, along with the size and additional add-ons. Whether the property owner needs a walkway from the home to the outdoor kitchen or if it is already outside the patio door, all of this will need to be considered. The crew from East Coast Landscape Design will carefully evaluate the property and create a design that benefits the needs of the property and their clients’ budgets.

Some of the materials commonly used by the experienced masons at East Coast Landscape Design include,

  • Flagstone
  • River stone
  • Concrete
  • Manmade stone

There are a few factors that should be considered before having an outdoor kitchen installed on the property. Gas and water lines should be located, and homeowners definitely want to design their outdoor kitchen with these in mind. Throughout the initial design to the final installation, the team at East Coast Landscape Design will be there every step of the way, no matter where the outdoor kitchen is located on the property.

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An outdoor kitchen is a place for family and friends to relax. It allows homeowners to enjoy the delights of dining outside, without having to leave their properties. Outdoor kitchens in Bethesda, MD can include grilles, stoves and even BBQs. When it is designed by an experienced company, property owners can expect the best.

Want to upgrade an outdoor living space or bring the indoors outside? Then see why outdoor kitchens are a popular choice with Bethesda, MD residents. Simply adding an outdoor grill onto a patio might be an acceptable solution, but it is often not one homeowner want to present to their guests. The experts at East Coast Landscape Design understand that their clients want to create an inviting outdoor space, while staying within their budgets.