Landscape Design in Rockville, MD: Five Trees that Bring Curb Appeal

If the landscape design at your Rockville, MD home looks ho-hum, here are five trees that can enhance curb appeal. (All the trees we’ve recommended here grow well within our USDA zone.)

  1. The Smoke Tree (Cotinus coggygria): A smaller tree (height 10-15 ft., spread 12 ft.) that works well with others in groupings, hedges, or windbreaks. Adds interesting textures and add a punch of color in small spaces. In summer, they sport wispy, pink bloom clusters; in fall, the foliage turns yellow, orange, and red. The rest of the year leaves are purple, gold, or green. This tree is heat and drought tolerant, and do well in a wide range of soils.
  2. The Saucer Magnolia (Magnolia x soulangeana): A medium-sized tree (height 20-30 ft., spread 25 ft.), tolerant of most soil and temperature conditions. This tree puts on a show in March, with beautiful, fragrant white and purple flowers.
  1. The Sugar Maple (Acer saccharum): A large focal-point tree (height 60-75 ft.,
    spread: 40-50 ft.) that is a great replacement for ash or elm trees. Provides great shade, and gorgeous gold and red fall foliage. This tree does well with most soil and temperature conditions. Don’t plant near a road or drive which will be treated with salt.
  2. The Japanese Flowering Cherry (Prunus x yedoensis): A larger ornamental tree (height 40-50 ft., spread 25-40 ft.) happiest when it has moist and well-draining soil, planted in full or partial sun. Delicate, beautiful flowers make this a stand out tree, which really attracts attention when it’s planted in groups.
  3. The Colorado Blue Spruce (Picea pungens): This majestic evergreen tree attracts birds, and provides shelter for small animals year round. This tree does well wherever they are planted, provided that they have enough room to spread out (height 50-75 ft., spread 10-20 ft.).

For more information on landscape design and curb appeal in Rockville, MD, please contact East Coast Landscape Design. Our landscape design experts can create lasting beauty and value for you Rockville, MD home.

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