Irrigation Systems in MD: Better for Your Yard and Wallet

Homeowners: irrigation systems for Maryland homes are better for your yards and wallets. How many times have you under watered or over watered your yard with a hose or old fashioned sprinkler? Probably too many times to count — and your yard and wallet have suffered because of it.

Under or over watering damages your lawn and other landscaping, and increases the likelihood that you will have to replace sod or plants every year. Also, when you over water, you are spending much more on water than you need to, and are wasting water. And that wasted water gets washed right down into the Chesapeake, damaging the environment.

Irrigation systems help MD homeowners to vary the amount of water used, when the water is used, and where it is used on their landscape. Adjusting for current weather and seasons, irrigations systems in MD provide the right amount of water according to the specific needs of your landscaping.

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