Maryland Homes Need Erosion Control

Did you know that 90% of the rain that falls in Maryland finds its way into the Bay? That means that the rainwater from your yard can carry fertilizers and toxic chemicals into the Bay. Just like the rain, soil from Maryland yards with poor erosion control makes its way into local streams and creates a toxic sludge that kills off local fish and wildlife.

Here are the signs in Maryland of poor erosion control:

  • Bare spots on your lawn or property
  • Exposed tree roots
  • Small rills (a narrow and shallow incision into topsoil layers) or gullies on slopes
  • Soil splashes on your windows and outside walls
  • Sediment that collects in low areas or on pavement
  • Sediment running down a driveway

Trees, shrubs and ground cover should be planted as a buffer around your yard and in bare areas to soak up nutrients, to reduce run-off, and reduce soil erosion. Other techniques, including drainage pipes and erosion blankets will help Maryland homes with erosion control.

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For more information on Maryland yards that need erosion control, please contact East Coast Landscape Design. Our Senior Geotechnical Engineer specializes in drainage and erosion control engineering in Maryland. From appropriate worksite conditions to properly manicured and groomed final grade, East Coast Landscape Design installs confidence with every job. Please contact East Coast Landscape Design today for your Maryland erosion control evaluation.