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A full color, to scale design generally runs between $400-600 for part of a property (ex. Front Yard only).

If the client is interested in a design for the whole property, designs generally run between $600-1,000.

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After making a in-house appointment, you should receive a confirmation email (if email was provided), confirming the desired day/time of the appointment, as well as providing details of who your consultant is and what to expect during the appointment. During the appointment, the consultant will provide you with several options for your project, educate you on the different plants, materials, and products that can be used, take measurements and pictures, as well as share the level of care involved and what you can expect from the process.


* When deciding on constructing a new hardscape project for your property, you as the client or the consultant will take into consideration the existing stone and materials on the property so that the new work will complement the existing fixtures and structures.

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Not necessarily. Your consultant will takes notes on your project and may create a rough sketch of what you are looking to do; but if you want something more detailed and to scale, you would need a full scale design/master plan. Generally, if you are doing multiple projects at a location (example: patio, retaining wall, and landscaping) or are interested in landscaping both the back and front yard, a design is recommended.

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A design is a to-scale representation of your project and where/what things will be installed, planted, or changed. It may be in color or black and white. Depending on the types of projects you are interested in, the consultant may recommend one.


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After receiving the proposal and all changes have been made, if the client is ready to proceed with the project, they would sign the bottom of the proposal and the contract and send in the deposit payment.

After the company has received the paperwork and the deposit, the client would be given an approximate start date. 

As the approximate start date nears, a more exact date will be given.

Miss Utility and any other preparations (ie. ordering plants and materials) will be made before beginning work.

A few days before the start date, we will call to confirm the that the start date still works for the homeowner.

After work is complete, the client will receive a link to rate how the project install went and will offer a chance to leave a testimonial.

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